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Okay so here's a new idea I had that will be fun for everyone to compete in and also be helpful to me! The model for our banner on the main menu needs updated to something new and fresh. I'd like to give everyone a chance to make their own bust design for what they'd like to see on our menu. Now keep in mind it needs to try to go along with our color scheme of the aqua color and possibly pale pink. Obviously the winners design will be made our new site model, and they'll also get their items featured in our catalogue. So make your entries and submit them here, the contest ends...
by Leandra - Comments: 40 - Views: 565

So I know that it's been awhile since I've added site updates, but I'm now able to settle down after graduation and take some time to work on the site. You've all noticed the new weekly design challenges which will eventually have an archive to look through and a spot in our main menu. We also have a new contest for all of you to join and help contribute to the site at the same time. Those of you who are interested, you can create an outfit for our site model in the main menu!
by Leandra - Comments: 17 - Views: 228

This weeks winner will get 2 diamonds!
by Leandra - Comments: 10 - Views: 286

Here are some more free models. If anyone has a specific request, please just leave it down below with a reference photo(link). Hope everyone enjoys these.
by OuraniaHathor - Comments: 5 - Views: 100

So here is a wig that I decided to make tonight. I would love to hear what ya'll think :)

Edit: Please tell me which one looks the best, my screens are screwy.
by OuraniaHathor - Comments: 7 - Views: 101

So no one asked for this, but I felt like making one.

Hope y'all like the male model I made.
Any feedback would be much appreciated.
-Sam (OuraniaHathor)
p.s. I got a little lazy towards the end so it's not perfect, but I guess at least it's something. :)
by OuraniaHathor - Comments: 10 - Views: 143

I was messing around and I liked the result enough to share.
Any critiques would be much appreciated.

-Sam (OuraniaHathor)
by OuraniaHathor - Comments: 10 - Views: 259

Not my original design, but I love the details of this outfit.

by Shelli - Comments: 7 - Views: 114

Hello, I'm back with a design that's actually more than a year old lol. My inner perfectionist wouldn't stop nagging, but I finally managed to silence her, so here it is. Obviously not 100% satisfied with it, but oh well
A better quality version will be up in my gallery in a few minutes :)

by Temani234 - Comments: 7 - Views: 213

Credits: Model: Shelli, Pink top and skirt: Shelli, Wig: Shelli  Necklace: Bbates

Go ahead a grab these shoes lol they are free. They fit the new doll Sapphire.:)

free open toe heels for Sapphire
by angelinamc - Comments: 2 - Views: 97

Not to burst yall talent bubbles and whatnot but this is a model i've had around awhile, now. Her name is Kenzie. Its not a DS model, its one of my own. If you want her then please do click on her. She is free to all for use but remember its not Designers Society model or any competition. Im sharing her with you all because im grateful to be here and design -BBatesशक्ति
by BBates - Comments: 7 - Views: 115

So I haven't designed hair or makeup in awhile and as part of my custom for Angelinamc I created this set. I've had inspiration images of this look for awhile now, and I finally made this last night!
by Leandra - Comments: 6 - Views: 125

Which color do you like?

by deee21 - Comments: 8 - Views: 295

Here it is! Sorry it took so long, I started a new job and my free time has been eaten up a lot. I may do more faces/skin tones in the future, but as of now this is all I have time for.
I hope you all like it and I can't wait to see what designs are made!
-Sam (OuraniaHathor)
by OuraniaHathor - Comments: 13 - Views: 329

If you want to add to the run way, let me know!

by mykelbe - Comments: 25 - Views: 539

Credits: Hair: Leandra; blouse: Shelli; makeup: Tammy; shorts: Desert; tablet and Society Readers: DS Members

Put an outfit together that shows that your ready to relax and sit on this big comfy couch. The winner will win of course this couch. There has to be at least 4 to participate...
by angelinamc - Comments: 6 - Views: 290


I've found the...
by OuraniaHathor - Comments: 19 - Views: 260

As per ArtisticBiscuit's request, I have created a child doll...but I can't figure out the face. So I have come to ask for reference pics of possible cute faces. Any help would be appreciated.

by OuraniaHathor - Comments: 8 - Views: 186

Designing shoes is actually miles away from my comfort zone. Anyways, I tried really hard and made this:

Aaaand... I made a video tutorial a.k.a my sped-up designing process! Well, part of it (but the most important part imho):

Please read the video description for more info. If...
by Temani234 - Comments: 4 - Views: 142


So here it is. The face I couldn’t finish in time for the flawless face contest. Hopefully my computer won’t let me down again after all I’ve done for it now…

Yes, I stole the idea with the on/off pictures from OuraniaHathor. I thought it was cool lol sorry
by Temani234 - Comments: 7 - Views: 173

This is a design @VKitty requested that I took some liberties on.

As always critiques are welcome.
by OuraniaHathor - Comments: 8 - Views: 209

welcome to my update board of my current designs questions concerns comments -BBates शक्ति

im selling a necklace in my gallery and you totally want to get it
original price: 500 points NOW 79% off 

its been on the market for a week or less now and nobody got it so its...
by BBates - Comments: 0 - Views: 196

I've not designed in a long time so here it is... a halter maxi dress (it's in my gallery if you want it)

Feedback be appreciated. Not sure the skirt shading is quite right.
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 7 - Views: 213

So this is just to give you all a quick taste of the new Diamond collection. Both makeup and the dress aren't fully finished but they will both be part of the upcoming collection!
by Leandra - Comments: 4 - Views: 173

click to enlarge
by deee21 - Comments: 7 - Views: 245

So OK!  If you want to design then take a few minutes do so!  I would much rather take time to really design than making hair outlines but if that's what it takes to get action then so be it!  As my friend Sia would say, "stop crying".
by mykelbe - Comments: 0 - Views: 138

by mykelbe - Comments: 1 - Views: 164

I'm going to try working on making some kind of site where we can meet and make designs.  It will truly be a work in progress!  lol

If this site is about to close then I would like to have some way to connect to the loyal members.
by mykelbe - Comments: 9 - Views: 186

I've decided to try test working the sumo/queekly and sketchpad.  Its seems that queekly is the only one that really works.  Sumpaint works but the 'file, edit, image bar at the top is cover by the design program options so it cannot be accessed.  Sketchpad would not open and when I tried to download it I ran into problems.  This might be why newmembers who do not have their own design programs are finding designing a challenge.
by mykelbe - Comments: 3 - Views: 164

There have been around 750 new members join since this time last year.  Not one of them has posted a design.  I really don't think that they would have joined if they didn't want to participate so the only conclusion that I can think of is that they simply can't work the program.  Not sure what can be done to rectify.
by mykelbe - Comments: 3 - Views: 156

I'm so done with this blouse. I had to redo entire parts :(. If any line or fold seems random, it probably is lol. Hopefully I'll do better next time. I just had to finish this.

(yes, there are no buttons on the lower part lol)

A bigger version will be available in my gallery as usual.

P.S.: I have another design (+ a small bonus, I guess) that's almost done! And I'm also...
by Temani234 - Comments: 7 - Views: 195

So I had thought about waiting to complete the full Spring collection I have planned before I post any of them...but this took a ridiculously long time to make and I don't want to not post anything for over a month; thus, I shall be posting them as they are completed.

As always, critiques are welcome.
by OuraniaHathor - Comments: 11 - Views: 240

It's rough but it's my first time! (Had a blast making it and I'm pumped to do more.)

11:28:33 | 03.26.2017
by taco1022 - Comments: 7 - Views: 162

So this is my second design...not sure what else to say about it other than I'm really impatient for Spring weather :D
Any critiques would be welcome.
by OuraniaHathor - Comments: 18 - Views: 324

This is my first design on here, any feedback would be appreciated.
by OuraniaHathor - Comments: 14 - Views: 250

Tutorial of this dress is uploading on youtube ;)
I will add the link when its done
i think i am getting addicted to that game hahaha
by deee21 - Comments: 3 - Views: 171

photo upload sites

Just something to keep us active!
by mykelbe - Comments: 1 - Views: 138

by Shelli - Comments: 11 - Views: 334

by mykelbe - Comments: 14 - Views: 358

This is Just a simple design. The first two you designs some accessories for this dress. Like Jewelry, a purse,
or even makeup. and posts it in here will win this dress.  Contest ends at the end of this Month.
by angelinamc - Comments: 14 - Views: 251

click to enlarge
by deee21 - Comments: 6 - Views: 145

by Shelli - Comments: 1 - Views: 230

Trying out Sketchpad 4.0
by Shelli - Comments: 3 - Views: 178

@angelinamc that is a lovely gown :)
by angelinamc - Comments: 8 - Views: 288

Hard to leave my cottage though!
by mykelbe - Comments: 0 - Views: 168

hello im new and figuring out how everything works!
by lovefly - Comments: 2 - Views: 169

I'm gone for most of the summer and can only check in not design.  Hope you all have a good one and I hope to see great changes in the fall!!  Will miss you!
by mykelbe - Comments: 2 - Views: 233

by mykelbe - Comments: 6 - Views: 235

by mykelbe - Comments: 6 - Views: 237

by mykelbe - Comments: 3 - Views: 192
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