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Going to draw out some step by step designing guides for creating fashion designs in sumopaint.

If you want special ones done, comment below. e.g. you can't design ruffle skirt.
Or want to know how draw lips.

I'll add ones I make to this forum post as I create them.

First step by step pattern top (click to view)
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 1 - Views: 279

As the gallery is broken and nobody can buy designs anymore.
Do a design swap in the talk forum section.
e.g. You say you will give someone a skater dress.... then you list 3 things you need-
1- hairstyle
2- heels
3- maxi skirt
Then people post items for you to swap.
You can get as many items placed in the post.
HOW= you send a link Or image of your design on inbox message.
Then they send the fashion you said you wanted in the post.
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 4 - Views: 271

by Karrueche - Comments: 0 - Views: 209

I'm honestly really bad at this :'D So far I've managed to come up with this monstrosity:

For whatever reason, Queeky decided to copy the model to the layer with the dress on while I was merging the shading down and I had to erase around the model :'D
Not too terrible for a first try? Still pretty terrible, but oh well.
by spleenstealer - Comments: 6 - Views: 331


So unfortunately I think it is safe to say that Designers Society is hitting its low spot.
I know that not many members are on during the school year but this is fewer people active than before.
However, despite this downfall I don't want to give up.
by Moon - Comments: 20 - Views: 728

i want to design some coachella-esque things but i literally have no inspiration..... will u guys post pics of coachella hairstyles 4 me??
thanks x
by Karrueche - Comments: 1 - Views: 1016

My friend has been telling me about Krita ...a free design studio great for drawing with a tablet.

It's better than SAI he says.

What are your thoughts?

Is there a better design studio you use? If you've not seen Krita before check it out on youtube.
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 2 - Views: 312

The old ds models (the ones with the back view) pop up when I looked up 'model template' on google images.
Try for yourself.

Doesn't that mean this site is/was well talked about???

What do you think about this?
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 1 - Views: 281

I run a DS pinterest page.
Keep up to date on goings on here:

Please like the pinterest board.

Suggestions to make it better are welcome.
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 3 - Views: 258

I've been trying to find a game like Girlsense where you can design your own fashion and I found my way to this site but the progamme used to create designs on here I find it difficult to use. It is not as easy as the design studio on Girlsense. Everytime I try to make something it just comes out all wrong. I've seen some beautiful boutiques and I'm just upset that I can never make fashions as great as that! And I have looked at tutorials but I'm still no good! :(
by modupeolufemi - Comments: 1 - Views: 267

What are diamonds used for?

How many do we need to get stuff with them?

Best way to get more of them?

Is new so know nothing.
by Whisper - Comments: 0 - Views: 311

For the amount of members this site has there really isn't much action on the platform.

Is there something wrong?

It's not on really.
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 18 - Views: 752

Does anyone want a custom dress?

Check my gallery for how I make them.

Cost will be:

350 for plain no lace
400 short no lace
500 for long lace
600 for long and lace and extra details e.g. sleeves or bows.
by Whisper - Comments: 1 - Views: 315

Here is a video about how I made my tips on the

Join the polyvore and hope this helps you.
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 2 - Views: 300

Can some one make me some dark red dr.martin boots please.

Or show some you made before.

I'd love ya foreves and evers.
by Whisper - Comments: 1 - Views: 312

Hey I'm new here. What a fab site I think. Layout gonna take me age to get to know.
Watch out for my designs. (bad btw) gonna need you guys help getting better.
Why you guys so good and my designs look like blobs?

Nice to be here.
by Whisper - Comments: 3 - Views: 375

I wonder what music tastes people here in Designers Society have!

You may post the kind of music you listen to.

by Philosophy - Comments: 2 - Views: 298

I can make dresses
by princhelle - Comments: 1 - Views: 282

Greetings! Just passing by and checking out the site and probably planning to get pretty active here.

I am a bit getting the hang of this site. Seems pretty hip!
Hope to meet loverly people and be friends with them.

That is all I may say for now, wish me the best!

To those who wonder, you may address me as Philo or Sophy.
Feel free to add me! I do not  bite.

Edit: Is it prohibited to post welcome messages...
by Philosophy - Comments: 0 - Views: 292

Ok I think I cracked how there's few users on this site.

Not only are people busy with the festive period. 
It's because of this:

Everytime a member signs up they can't instantly go and use the website.
They've got to wait till the admin activates the account. 

Now I don't know who gets emailed that new person wants to be accepted to the account. But, that's what happens.
Could only be Leandra who is allowed to activate newbies.

Either way this is a big issue and is delaying new members being active members. 
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 3 - Views: 394

I made this facebook page:

ECCEDENTESIAST✯a person who fakes a smile✯
For all those people who need a place to vent and are sad about their lives. 
Here to tell you It's ok to cry.

If you ever feel down and need to cry here's a place for you.
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 3 - Views: 399

Here you can post items for people to make for you.

You post a picture of what you want. Say if you want colour change etc.... Then say price you'd buy it for.

Then someone makes it for you and they post it in the forum.
If you want changes done you ask here.
Then finally you purchase it for price agreed.

by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 0 - Views: 377

Just need to buy one really quick
by llpayll - Comments: 5 - Views: 390

Just trying to touch base out there!  Hi guys!
by mykelbe - Comments: 0 - Views: 358

Share your adverts for everyone to post online. The more that get posted on other sites the better this site will be.

Here's one I made recently:                        (click link to copy it to other platforms)

by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 6 - Views: 585

We can keep this site going by......
#1:  designing

#2: posting our fashions, posting our outfits, posting our boutiques

#3: leaving comments in ones posts and hitting the diamond like button:) 
by angelinamc - Comments: 13 - Views: 521

Hello. Welcome to Designers Society. Introduce yourself.
by NEOdesigns - Comments: 2 - Views: 256



-GS remakes
-favourite designers chat
-what you miss
-Why you joined?
-what you liked designing most on gs
-what you hated on girlsense

Here's ideas (on gs remake contest) for designs to make from gs to fit DS models.
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 5 - Views: 353

Hi :) My name is Gina, I'm new here. I just sold a fashion for 130 points, but the points don't show up in my account. Can anyone help me? Will I be able to buy stuff from the gallery, or will it still say I have no points?

by reginamarie - Comments: 4 - Views: 336

Hey members/friends this is a message regarding the promotion of this site and how you all can help.

So there has been many ways about how Leandra and I were going to come about the whole Instagram aspect of Designer's Society.
Originally we were going to use Leandra's personal account to promote DS but I think it would be best if there was an account where you only posted things about Designers Society. So here is the account and how you can help!
by Moon - Comments: 44 - Views: 1307

Just want to say I'm sorry for not being active on here been having some problems with my computer. But hope-
fully next week I'll be more active. Don't want let anyone down. My mail box is overloaded I promise I'l get back to those
who wrote me. I just have to clear up my mailbox.
by angelinamc - Comments: 1 - Views: 259

I don't know if it's just on my Computer, but Sumo right now isn't working.  Queeky is though. so we still have some design studio to design things.
Hopefully they are working on it. I just googled about Sumo Paint and others are having the same problems with sumo.  This has happened before and was 
eventually fixed. But here is a link for a sumo paint that I found. Just scroll down a little and it will appear.
by angelinamc - Comments: 4 - Views: 432

so I have to go to a wedding soon and I forgot every dress I own either makes me look 8 or makes me stand out too much for a wedding so please send me links to cute dresses thanks guys! Preferably with sleeves or can go with like a jacket bc it is gonna be in winter. Also mainly dresses that I can dress up with like a necklace or something aka not like 3 different colors lol
by Tammy - Comments: 10 - Views: 814

What Song Are You Listening To?

I Hereby Dedictate This Post To Soap For Starting the Original Post Before That Became So Popular. (Correct Me If I Am Wrong But I Believe It Was Soap.)
by Guest - Comments: 6 - Views: 387

I've lost control. This is the third place I've put this. Yikes
by mykelbe - Comments: 2 - Views: 263

Little Halloween dress
by mykelbe - Comments: 3 - Views: 317

Meant this to go here.  Been away too long! lol
by mykelbe - Comments: 0 - Views: 311

by mykelbe - Comments: 16 - Views: 745

That's it right there.

Any feedback or ideas for new items#??? It's all cute girly kawaii really. Yes not many designs yet but will in future make lots more.
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 0 - Views: 466

on this site idk what I am doing yet. I went to shops and it won't even let me view any designs unless I am a Jr. member which requires 1 diamond and to get a diamond someone must like a blog post?...please like thanks
by SylviaJoy - Comments: 2 - Views: 282


I've got idea to sell drawings online with a website that takes your artwork and puts it onto products for you e.g. t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, pillows etc... Then seller gets a big cut of what sells.

Anyway I'm going to need ideas/feedback
(i can do commissions once set up).

I've found and to do this... unsure which to use yet. Any ideas?

Here's first draft of a design I mocked up (will be made neater and brighter promise)
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 10 - Views: 389

Op so I made a really quick tutorial that is sped up by like 2.6 or something bc it was like 9 minutes lol but yeah so it is based off my my queen zendaya's makeup and also my makeup queen pony so here is the tutorial yayy if you have any questions feel free to ask wohohoo
by Tammy - Comments: 8 - Views: 351

So yes I finally finished a design for the first time in like 6 months lol. I started the outline when I left for cali but haven't gotte back to it until now but I am really actually proud of it lol. It is inspired off of this picture of Nana from After School/Orange Caramel and I love her so much omg. But yea so here is the hair in the hd salon model but I have also resized it to the regular hd model. I don't know if I should auction this or just put it up for sale tbh haha. Please give your opinions because I haven't shaded in as I said 5-6 months lol.
by Tammy - Comments: 7 - Views: 480

Is anyone having problems putting their things in the Gallery to sell? I know I am.  I just want to know if anyone else is.

IF there are any other issues you are experiencing please post them in here, so I can let Leandra know about them.  Thank you.
by angelinamc - Comments: 9 - Views: 371

Diamond Liked thx
by angelinamc - Comments: 8 - Views: 370

Nautical/Seaside theme has won.

If you wish to join in please comment by saying what you can make for the group society store.
Please only say e.g. "I could make a palm tree".
Do not post pictures.

We need to work out a few things:

1-How many model outfits to include.
2-What to include in the background.
3-How to layout models. (on side, in a row etc).
Please send all nautical/seaside items to me artisticbiscuit in a pm message.
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 52 - Views: 2098

Just a suggestion. But it would be nice c:
by llpayll - Comments: 2 - Views: 289

The gallery will be fixed, don't let this discourage you. Things will get back to normal, we just got to be patient. Leandra has been real busy and will be back to fix any issues that need to be fixed. keep displaying your fashions. Lets keep this site active, by posting our designs and commenting on each other's designs. Maybe for now we can let ones know what items of ours that we want to sell and if anyone is interested they can leave a comment. and then when the gallery is fixed we can reserve  it for the ones who offered to buy it,  hope that makes any sense.  When you upload a design let...
by angelinamc - Comments: 3 - Views: 273

Visit my gallery and comment about my designs please im a bit new here and to this
by llpayll - Comments: 0 - Views: 359

Designs by Hoax

I will be posting my designs on here.
I am also working on a collection.

Remember to like!

Please bare with me while I try to make time to design.
by Hoax - Comments: 4 - Views: 407
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