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Okay so I thought this might be a fun game for those of you who enjoy real life designers. What I'm going to do is post a few fashions and the first person to guess the designer wins 500 points! Each round will be different and possibly have a theme as well. If no one has guessed the designer after the first week I'll start giving a new hint every week until someone gets it!
Another challenge... Round #7:
by Leandra - Comments: 24 - Views: 194

It's been a while and we are finally adding some new team members! To keep up with demands and after some team changes, we need some more additions. First off we will start by introducing our newest member added to the team... Congratulations to Pandapoodlepoop who has so many amazing designs and just had to be added to our Fashion Design Team!
Next I will be offering some current positions that need filled... If you wish to apply just comment below with a small sampling and name of which position you would like.

Auctioneer: I went over this in another post but Ill bring it back...
by Leandra - Comments: 22 - Views: 925

The wait is over, finally Challenges have come! With this new feature you can complete fun challenges and get tons of points, prizes, and more! The Challenges let you create themed designs and submit them for a grade that wins you tons of points. So work hard and keep practicing because the better you get, the more you earn! You can find the Challenges page under the Office tab.

New: Challenges page on your Profile! You and other members can now view your score on the different Challenges. Once you have completed a challenge, your score will be added to your profile for viewing at any...
by Leandra - Comments: 12 - Views: 478

This week there will be no live auctions in the auction house. I'm in the process of working on new ways to create our auctions. There will also be new team careers opening up to help with this task. For now please be patient, auctions will be back up within the next week or so. Those of you who would like to become auctioneers, can leave a comment below. As an auctioneer you will:
-Need to be free once per week at the time of your chosen auction(they will be at 3pm est and 7pm est so adjust to your time zone and decide which time you'll be available for)
-Auction each item that you are...
by Leandra - Comments: 7 - Views: 502

You are most likely noticing all the changes to the look of Designers Society right now. I am working on a new site theme that we will have. Right now it is still in construction, but you will keep seeing improvements and changes very soon. So now is the time when you give feedback and suggestions on the new look!
by Leandra - Comments: 26 - Views: 1188

Okay so I'm looking for some help from our members to write different site news. Since I don't have time to make all the updates and publicize them Ill leave the writing to some of you. Here's how it'll work, those of you who want this position. Ill give you a certain amount of points for each write up for different parts of the site such as the weekly Newsletters and Society Reader. On some occasions you may also be just tell everyone the news of a new site feature as well. Since youd have to write a detailed description on certain site features this means you need to know the...
by Leandra - Comments: 24 - Views: 989

Okay everyone so most of our team has noticed and have discussed the abundance of points lately. We have decided that I should make a few changes to help balance the points system. Since the goal is to work for your points, we want to encourage your designing for points. Here are the changes that have been made:
-The maximum selling price for fashions has been increased to 1,000 points
-Rewards system has been lowered from 15 points per post to 5
-The post points has been decreased from 5 to 1 & 2
Post Info:
1 Point: Designs & Society Categories
2 Points: Blogs & Getting...
by Leandra - Comments: 16 - Views: 886

Hey everyone, so Community Day starts tomorrow and lasts all day long! Members who are on the site throughout the day will get fashion giveaways and double points per friend(20 points!). There will be free fashions in the chat throughout the day that our staff will be giving you all. So have fun and enjoy Community Day with everyone this October 13th!

Sneak Peek at Giveaways:
by Leandra - Comments: 26 - Views: 1023

Okay so a member has asked me about offering something so that we can create boutique comments. Now this may not be possible but there is an alternative. Some of you may remember the visitor message page on profiles. I removed it because it seemed like it wasn't used much. I am going to give you all an option though and reopen the possibility of adding the visitor message feature. For those of you who haven't seen it, there is another page in the profile links for each member just like contact and friends. The only down side is that it appears on a separate page from the boutique and profile itself....
by Leandra - Comments: 11 - Views: 491

Hey everyone who is experiencing problems with the site images loading. I just wanted to leave this little message so you all know what's up and don't freak. The picture host site that I use is under maintenance right now. This means that they will hopefully be back up very soon! A note: This won't effect fashions in the gallery or your avatar since that is through a different picture host.
by Leandra - Comments: 13 - Views: 454

Hello everyone, I am in the process of working on the profile settings and look. I would like to make things easier for those that are putting in the transaction information for fashions bought and sold. So what I have setup is a progress bar that goes up to 10 to earn the award. Basically once you reach the 10 mark on bought and sold then it will stop being tallied. Now I would like to let members keep track of this still except it is a lot of work. If anyone has suggestions just let me know please. For now I won't remove the 2 fields that show the number of bought and sold, but if no one can...
by Leandra - Comments: 8 - Views: 414

Many of you know that I have been debating over the next new features to add. Well I have finally decided what to work on first! Here is a list of the features I would like to work on and finish this October...
-Member To Do's
-Site Theme
-Member Collaboration: Site Background
-Auction House
-New Youtube Videos
-GirlSense Remakes
-Society Store: Iconic

Also a note for those who haven't seen yet, the October Issue of Society Reader is out!
by Leandra - Comments: 5 - Views: 380

I need to prioritize what projects to do first, and with my lack of time to work on things lately I really need to work on getting stuff done. So to help me out and all of you in the process, I'm giving you the option to vote on what feature I should start working on first... This needs to be quick so try to vote as soon as you can. If you want to be more persuasive just leave a comment with your reasoning for starting a particular project first!

Note that I am already in the process of working on the Auction house as well.
by Leandra - Comments: 12 - Views: 531

Hello all, I am Josh. I am just going to post this here to inform you all of something important. Leandras computer has been acting very buggy lately and tonight it has bit the dust. She will not be able to update the site for a while so the weekly updates that occur will be ceased or delayed temporarily until her computer is fixed. If you need anything you can message me and I will relay it to her. I only say that because I am not sure if she can access the site from her mobile device. I thank you all for your understanding of this and for taking the time to read. Hopefully this will be a very...
by Guest - Comments: 9 - Views: 536

We all made out great today, selling over 130 fashions in total! Congrats to everyone and especially those of you who received the extra 500 points for selling over 10 items. Those of you that won this are...
DesertGhost, Crestyl, Dancer4life315, Sophia, and 誰gymo

Overall we all got some great deals and helped pair down the gallery, leaving more space. We went from 100% fully used to 74% leaving us with room for hundreds more fashions. Now that the sale is over, the offers are now ended and the gallery has been opened for regular use.

Hope you all...
by Leandra - Comments: 9 - Views: 498

So I don't know if all of you have noticed but elite rank members have been moved down to pro. Ranks for New, Junior, Novice, Pro, and Elite have changed to a new name instead they are called Levels. Ranks now only refer to Elite, Fashion Team, Interior Team, Help Team, and Angel Team.
Elite is now an exclusive rank which takes much more work to earn but also has more benefits. Members on the career team are all automatically on our Elite rank. If you think you qualify just leave a comment below and Ill look into it!
To earn Elite rank now members will have to meet...
by Leandra - Comments: 46 - Views: 2202

Ready for the next site event?!
This Saturday will be the Super Sales Day. You'll see the envelope invite up on the home with the info for this event. Here's how it'll work:
That day everything you buy will cost half of the price shown. The seller will get the original price they listed still, plus a bonus for selling 10+ fashions. If you sell more than 10 fashions that day, you'll receive 500 extra points! (Plus the award for selling 10 fashions if applicable)
So be ready to shop!

Update: Important Rule! Since I see many of the designers are posting tons of new things,...
by Leandra - Comments: 33 - Views: 1412

You will notice starting now that there are some new tabs in the chat! The lobby is just for the usual open chat like we have always had. The help tab is for if you have a question and need help. Team members should check so they can help answer questions, as well as anyone who wants a chance at Society Hero! The office tab is only visible to our team members who can talk privately about site things here.
Hope you like these new tabs and if you have more ideas for tabs just let me know!
by Leandra - Comments: 4 - Views: 497

I've introduced a new way to earn extra points everyone! The Code Rewards system will let you enter codes that you find around the site for extra points on your account. It's easy to do just go to the Earn Points page(link at the bottom of every page) Then fill out the Code Rewards form! The first exclusive code I'll offer right now to celebrate our one year anniversary and the opening of this new feature. It will give you 100 points when you enter: OneYear (case sensitive) In the future you can look for these codes in the forums, youtube videos(which im working on), the society reader, and other...
by Leandra - Comments: 2 - Views: 578

You should notice the new gallery images, simple but important to the site look. I hope they appear to all the members more now that they are finished. As requested by a member who said that she sometimes accidentally clicks the widget links, I've added a little precaution. There is an alert set to popup before you leave the page, it is to warn you in case you have unsaved work. That should help you all out in avoiding losing your work! I'll be working on some more things tonight as well so keep looking for them around the site...
by Leandra - Comments: 6 - Views: 410

So I've changed things around a little bit so that you can have more ways to earn for being active. First of all you now earn 5 points per post (previously only 1) and 10 points per topic (previously 3). As well every friend you make gains you 10 points, double what it was before. Have you seen the new Rewards forum? That earns you 15 points per post that you make. You can make 5 posts per day there, giving you up to 75 points in one day! These new features will hopefully encourage more site activity and posting. Vote on the poll when you read the Rewards, Rewards, Rewards topic and tell me what...
by Leandra - Comments: 4 - Views: 359

Hey everyone, you may have noticed that the chat tab is gone from the bottom of the page. Don't flip, it has now been moved to the toolbar for easy access. Hope you all like this little change. The button still functions the same so when you click it opens the chat(at the top now) and click again to close it. Give your feedback :)
by Leandra - Comments: 21 - Views: 1007

We're kicking off the Designers Society Videos on Youtube now! The first full starter tutorial has arrived to help new members getting started! Give your opinions and what videos should be made next.
Click here to watch it!
Click here to see our channel!
by Leandra - Comments: 1 - Views: 425

Welcome back to school everyone! We have tons of things to offer to celebrate it and have some fun when out of class. First off the new Society Reader has arrived with great stuff in a back to school issue. Next I'll be on more often which means more site improvements and features!
Here is a look at a few things you'll see this month:
-Official Youtube How to videos
-Custom Central improvements
-New Auction House setup
-New Society Store
-Elite exclusive content
-Changing Backgrounds(yes, it was delayed)

Now here is a little extra...
by Leandra - Comments: 4 - Views: 426

Here is your chance to help decide on ways to run the auction house. I need your votes on the poll for how they should setup. The choices are 1 hour live auctions which would be most likely on friday and would auction all the items at once, an auction that lasts all week long with each combined into one area, or separate auctions for each fashion like we have had now. If you have other ideas on how it should be setup please leave a comment!!

Update 09.06.2013
Hey everyone the first live auction starts in just a few hours so be there at 6pm ext!
by Leandra - Comments: 17 - Views: 1073

So I was just finishing the touches on the Society Reader cover, when I decided Id show a sneak peek of the cover. Thanks to the help from DesertGhost and Glam who helped create the cover design!
by Leandra - Comments: 4 - Views: 379

I'm working on making a few changes and additions this week. Right now I'm busy with just keeping up to date on transactions and messages. I am trying to start work on the Materials "Catalogue" which should be done in a few weeks. Now I also want to create a new site event since we haven't had one in months. I'm going to let you vote on this using the poll. I just wanted to post this so you all know some of the plans for the near future. As well Ill be working on: The Team Exam, How To Videos, and Rank Content
by Leandra - Comments: 19 - Views: 936

Have you noticed the new dropdown menu? I've been working on this for a while and have finally got it down. There are only a few kinks to work out with guests but for now I have an alert setup for them. Anyways let me know what you think of this improvement and if you see anything that needs fixed or added!
by Leandra - Comments: 30 - Views: 1478

Hello all,
Just want to leave you with an update on the soon to come how to's. Those of you who need help, will soon have videos for quick reference. I'm going to start working on some how to's and tutorials for the site this September. I'll hopefully have the first videos up within the first week. I'm going to start on things like: New Member Tips, Navigating the Site, Easy point earning, etc. Anyways hope you are all looking forward to this and it should be available pretty soon!
by Leandra - Comments: 5 - Views: 605

It has been a long wait for the member exclusive content, but now it has finally arrived! Those of you who have earned junior, novice, and pro rank can now access your new stuff. These are all new materials for everyone and you can now choose specific fabrics and such that you want to download. There is now an easy password entry area on the Materials page which lets you access your content.
A few future things:
-I need to finish the Elite Content since it'll have more to it
-I want to add an additional area for past rank content so that if you have novice, pro, elite, you can access...
by Leandra - Comments: 9 - Views: 624

This month is a big deal since it is our One Year Anniversary. The new Society Reader of this month tells most of the details on new and upcoming features. Though some haven't been disclosed until now...
-I'm hard at work on a new drop down menu which should hopefully make some things easier to navigate to the pages.
-I want to finish a new intro video within the next week(since the site has changed a lot since the last one)
-My plan is also to start weekly howto videos on the official YT channel, this will also include special reward codes in each episode
-As well I'm gonna...
by Leandra - Comments: 11 - Views: 530

Hey Everyone please let me know what you think of our new site intro video. It is up on youtube and view-able to guests on the home page. Give your opinions and advice for the next one we make!
by Leandra - Comments: 3 - Views: 411

It has come to my attention there has been an error in the gallery. The new images uploaded will not show up. I looked up this issue last night on my hosts help site and others are experiencing it with their sites right now too. Since this is the case Im guessing it is the hosts issue and they are probably working on it now. I checked this morning to see and it still isnt up yet. So everyone please dont up worry it should be fixed soon and just dont upload anything until I know its fixed. You can still buy fashions since it doesnt seem to effect that though.
by Leandra - Comments: 11 - Views: 609

One of our members had a great new idea that I just wanted to introduce right away. PurplePrada introduced me to the idea of having society heroes who are featured for their great acts on the site. Basically those of you who are kind to others, helpful with answering questions, and enforce the site rules will be rewarded. Some of our team members will be monitoring this, it will be kept secret so that no ones behaviors change around certain members. This will also hopefully reinforce that you all treat others respectfully and equally. Now what is your reward for all this? Well...
by Leandra - Comments: 25 - Views: 1199

The new August issue of Society Reader has just been released. You can view it on the home or click the new slide image. Many thanks to our new site artists DesertGhost and Glam on creating the front cover and slide! As well you can buy ads on the next issue in the bank for only 750 points.
by Leandra - Comments: 5 - Views: 451

Been looking for the right career position for you but can't decide? Here is a choice you might want to consider if you love all the designing aspects. I'm looking for some Designers Society Artists who are good with images and can help created many different ones for the site. You'll be taking on lots of tasks, things such as: posters, ads, slide images, banners, etc. Okay so here are the details... I need someone who can not only design fashions, but as well create models with different poses and so on to display things. You'll be making things like the slideshow images and...
by Leandra - Comments: 41 - Views: 1980

This August, Designers Society will be celebrating one year. Although we didn't publicize it until late October, the idea was started in August. So now we are all going to start some new fun stuff and have a community brainstorm. Everyone collaborate your ideas here for new site features. I'll try to give my opinion and reply with what is possible in the near future. From there I'll start working on all the new ideas as soon as I can. Don't worry I have a few tricks up my sleeve as well. The new plans that I have will start to come up late August to early September!
by Leandra - Comments: 22 - Views: 1209

You may have noticed that in the gallery there are two new categories. Under the member fashions you can upload reservations and resales. This is to help categorize and organize things. Reservations are for customs or fashions made for specific members. Resales are for reselling fashions made by others with credit to them. Some things are still in progress and not finished but these features should start to help organize things. As well now members can have their own personal albums so now you can sort by specific members. I'll probably offer a way for members to link if they have a personal gallery...
by Leandra - Comments: 15 - Views: 938

I've finally added our newest feature which will offer designers a chance to offer their services! You can now get a spot to offer your customs to all the members through Custom Central. The custom central can be found on the Custom page under the Studio Tab. This will offer members a chance to request fashions from the top designers directly! So now give me your thoughts on this new addition to our site.
by Leandra - Comments: 17 - Views: 836

The monthly dish on what's new and coming soon. We've recently added some new features within the past few weeks like elite challenges and the bank. Now I'm on a short break more new projects but will be adding stuff this month. So here's what you need to know:
*Newsletters are now monthly instead of weekly (July sent out last night)
*Society Reader July Issue is now out on the Home
*Summer Vaca Contest Winners announced on the 4th

Coming Soon:
-Customs Central
-Interactive Site Backgrounds
-Iconic themed Society Store
by Leandra - Comments: 17 - Views: 1473

I've finally fixed it so that no one can steal designs anymore! No more dragging in  the gallery or FORUMS! That means you can post away without worrying about adding watermarks anymore. Dragging and right clicks have been disabled and secured on all browser types. So shop and share away worry free!
by Leandra - Comments: 24 - Views: 915

I've now offered the option for members to buy points in the bank using money (credit/debit card or paypal). It's just supposed to widen the ways you can get points. There has been some debate so Im clearing everything up right now. Realistically many girls ask to buy stuff and get special things from their parents. If this didn't work then Stardoll wouldn't be as successful because they even charge through the nose for everything and things are limited a ton. On here nothing's limited and it's just a way to help contribute to the site. So of course this means they get a lil more benefits they...
by Leandra - Comments: 24 - Views: 953

Hey everyone the new Society Store has just released after lots of time and help from our career team! Check it out under the Shop page. This nature inspired store is just in time for summer!
by Leandra - Comments: 7 - Views: 514

Hello Everyone if you haven't noticed me on as much lately it is because I'm on a summer break. I check messages daily and do the weekly updates but haven't been able to interact much otherwise. Don't worry there'll still be continued things such as contests and all of your features. If you get a late reply please excuse me but I'll try to get to everything soon as I can. For now there aren't any new updates but hopefully soon. July 4th Ill be announcing the winners of the Summer Vaca Contest so everyone get your entries in!
by Leandra - Comments: 3 - Views: 634

Hey everyone i went to check on the auctions and noticed a slight issue. That effect I had setup to disable the dragging had also made it so you cant type bids. Well I fixed that now so that the code only effects the images and you can all bid now as much as you want until friday!
by Leandra - Comments: 6 - Views: 497

We finally reached this big accomplishment of getting 1,000 members on Designers Society! To celebrate we will be offering new features. The first new feature is the Weekly Newsletters which will be sent to all the members emails. You'll get weekly updates on the new things, insight on future additions, and exclusive newsletter offers! The next addition to the site will b the bank which will offer a place to buy special features using points and even buy points down the road. This new feature should be added within the next few days so keep checking back. Thank you to all of the members who make...
by Leandra - Comments: 9 - Views: 2974

Hey everyone you may notice the changes in the Materials page. It is kinda under construction with a whole new setup for easy access. In future Im working on special rank content which will be all brand new stuff and hopefully without any password hassle! Anyways hope you all like these new changes as they start to appear~
by Leandra - Comments: 10 - Views: 524

Okay so I'm trying to make as many improvements as i can before I take my summer break. So I want to make sure I have everything on my todo list that I need to before I finish it all. I have just under two weeks to try to get what I can done so let me know. Also I've noticed the icons for posting things have changed a lil but they should still have all the same features like hosting a picture and even some extra things like youtube videos I see.
by Leandra - Comments: 25 - Views: 1061

So we are getting off to a great start this month with 1,000 members! So there will be some new things added just in time for summer. Everyone should pay attention to this message since it's like your little key to some new things and Ill even add on comments for more new sneak peeks.

Let me start by saying that our home page features will be changing just a little. Instead of boutiques/fashions/designer of the week it will now become of the month. This is only because I can't really keep up with all the changes for it every week and this way those that are featured...
by Leandra - Comments: 11 - Views: 574

Hey everyone I've been up late trying to finish the bank for you all. I finally got it done and it has several different things you can purchase. It is starting with purchasing angel rank or advertisements in increments. There will be more future additions as well so keep checking back. There is also an option for you all to buy more points for use on the site! This is a new feature and any purchase of points you make will go towards support for our site and future development. Hope you all enjoy these new options!
by Leandra - Comments: 8 - Views: 531

I've been working hard on some new features and finally have them up. There have been several changes like the new page designs on Studio, Shop, Society, and Agency. The Agency is under progress but the others are done so give your opinion of the new design. Just in the past day I've added a new chat system as well that is just a small tab that takes up less space and is easier to manage. It is a members only feature and it shows the persons info including a link to their profile. You can click specific members and start a private chat (new feature) you can also see their profile and info. Moderators...
by Leandra - Comments: 23 - Views: 1268
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