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This week the winner will get 500 points for their coffee shop inspired designs!~
by Leandra - Comments: 0 - Views: 25

This week the Challenge will last an extra week and the winner will get 3 diamonds!
Update: Extended until the 12th of March!
by Leandra - Comments: 19 - Views: 188

by Leandra - Comments: 5 - Views: 143

You have to put together an outfit for the model. Use the item below. 
No need to make anything for the contest.

Ends 10th April 

You can enter 3 outfits. 

Winner gets custom item and 200 points. 

Here's the item:

link to trousers:
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 5 - Views: 73

by BBates - Comments: 5 - Views: 71

For this contest you have to use this item in an outfit.

Style a model using this tulip skirt. Winner will win a custom item made by ArtisticBiscuit and get 200 points. 
Nothing in the outfit has to be made by you. We encourage items not to be made by yourself. Use the gallery, ask members for items, look in past forms etc...
Contest ends 12th March

by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 28 - Views: 205

Hey guys! I's been a while since I've made a contest so here we go!
As some of you may know I'm an artist for the Society Reader; our websites offical Magazine. I'd love to see some lovely entries that I could possibly use in the SR and a chance for you guys and your fashions to be featured more.
Instead of just competing for points, youre also able to have your design 100%...
by Moon - Comments: 19 - Views: 162

Any questions ask bellow.

All items must be made by yourself.
Can be furni, clothes, hair,item model holds etc...
Options endless.
Most creative design will win.
by ArtisticBiscuit - Comments: 22 - Views: 218
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