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Start Earning

Diamonds are a number based experience system that let you earn new ranks.The more diamonds you earn, the higher rank you get! Diamonds can only go up like experience, so there is no losing, only gaining.
Start Earning
You can earn diamonds when you make a new post in any of the categories. Original posts all have the "Like" option which gives a diamond. When a member likes your post you get a diamond. The same for you, when you like another members post, they earn a diamond! So if you really like that fashion, outfit, or boutique that they posted, you can like the post and they earn more! Don't worry, You won't lose any diamonds by doing this, so feel free to like as many posts as you want!
Keep Track
You can see your current number of diamonds right from the left sidebar menu. On all your posts and on your profile are the current number of diamonds you have as well. At the top of a post are the number of likes/diamonds it has earned. This way you can check how many likes your/others specific post has earned.
Earning Ranks
The ranks are automatically given based on the number of diamonds you have. You can see your current rank from the left sidebar menu, right above your number of points and diamonds.
Junior: Earn 1 Diamond
Novice: Earn 15 Diamonds
Pro: Earn 30 Diamonds
Elite: Earn 50 Diamonds
Rank Exclusive Content
Junior: Unlock the Society Stores, which offers specially made fashions by our Team.
Novice: Create more detailed designs on a higher quality, Salon model.
Pro: Unlock exclusive Collector Society Stores, featuring the top of the line designs.
Elite: Write your own posts that get tons of views, right on the Elite Blog.
& Many more new Features unlocked with each Rank!
Get Points
You can earn points by selling fashions in the gallery, making posts, adding friends, and winning contests. You also have the option to purchase more points, while also helping donate to the site.

Spend Points
You can use points to purchase fashions from the Gallery, Society Stores, and more. You can also use points to unlock new items and features from the bank.
Click Here to Buy Points

Code Rewards
Enter in codes that you find around the site, in our videos, and during special events to get 100 points.
Please allow 24 hours to recieve your points.
Valid only once, some codes may have expirations.

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"Designers Society is about everyone joining Together, supporting Eachother, and becoming Friends
in a Society of Designers."
-Leandra, Creator/Owner
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