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Idea to inspire more activity.(IRL uses for designs)

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Here is a list of ideas to use your model outfits in real life/away from this site:
-turn them into cards if you print them out. (maybe style your friend or relative into a birthday or get well soon card etc)
-Use it for covers on project work at school. (e.g history and draw outfit of historian related to project)
-Draw a design before you make it for real. (could help you work out IRL dress up parties or fashion projects)
-Use the sketches on a fashion blog. (help you show outfits you talk about/wear without taking a photo of your face)
-Practices your drawing skills and photoshop style skills for possible jobs. (e.g. graphic design)
-Promote items you sell (say on etsy shop) in a unique way by drawing them first and making a social media post more creative.

(share your ideas in comments bellow)


Ideas for activity online:
Here are ways to make this game/site more exciting for yourself:

-Draw outfits you've seen celebs wearing. Or people in real life.
-Set yourself mini goals. (points to reach before certain month, design a collection etc)
-Join in contests.
-Make friends on this game and inspire each other.
-Promote a business. (try and get your business as society store)
- Rise through the ranks.
-Make customs for people.
-Put all your designs on a site like photobucket or flicker. (Organizing items takes time and means giving credits is easier in future).
-Create boutiques for more people to see your designs.
-Run your own contests. (have customs as prizes).
-Watch or have people watch you create a design on .
-Try and become a famous designer on here and have everyone want your unique fashions in their collection.


Ideas for future site activity I thought up:
This could be taken into consideration or rejected who knows what the future will bring.

-Different models to design on. (pets, children, plus size, different face shapes etc)
-Have people become like designer fashion designers. (when they have been top rank for about a year people vote for them to become designer style fashion designer 'type you'd see on runway'. Then their designs get bought for loads more points say thousands or for diamonds. Then these people have to contribute back to the site by helping new designers work on the studio. (IDK how right now).

-More games relating to fashion right on the website.
-My game idea. (put whole forum about it up previously).
-More ranks or levels. (could get more designs unlocked if higher rank/levels)

Maybe if you had to pay a few points to hold own contests or join in games...ore ways to spend points, people would be having to design more to afford things that get you higher rank.

Hopefully this helps more members to be far more active and see reasons for coming back online more often. (Leave your ideas in comments or chat about the ones I've talked about).

Don't worry it's only a bad day, not a bad life.

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Idea to inspire more activity.(IRL uses for designs) Comments

Re: Idea to inspire more activity.(IRL uses for designs)
Post on Mon May 18, 2015 3:56 pm by Guest
thx for this fab list
Re: Idea to inspire more activity.(IRL uses for designs)
Post on Tue May 19, 2015 9:40 pm by ArtisticBiscuit
You're welcome Fries. Please do use my ideas to inspire you.
Re: Idea to inspire more activity.(IRL uses for designs)
Post on Tue May 19, 2015 9:49 pm by Guest
@ArtisticBiscuit yw
Re: Idea to inspire more activity.(IRL uses for designs)
Post on Wed May 20, 2015 1:16 pm by mykelbe
Great List Artistic!!

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