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This weeks winner will get 300 points!
by Leandra - Comments: 6 - Views: 780

This weeks winner will receive 5 diamonds!
by Leandra - Comments: 7 - Views: 671

This weeks prize is a free item of choice from the catalogue!
by Leandra - Comments: 7 - Views: 837

Simply submit your design in the comments, the winner gets 100 points!
by Leandra - Comments: 11 - Views: 1112

I had this idea to encourage some more activity and give members a chance to look for guidance from others... I'd like to suggest starting some new site blogs. Basically they'd replace Elite and team blogs on the menu currently. I'm looking for a member or two who'd be interested in this and can could keep up weekly/daily. I'd also be promoting it through our slideshow, newsletters, etc. If you have ideas for topics/themes and would like to possibly start you own blog; Pitch your ideas in the comments and let me know what you'd love to showcase with everyone!
by Leandra - Comments: 16 - Views: 761

I've recognized that many of you want the boutique creator back. I've worked on resolving some of the issues, but still have a long way to go. For now, it is running and the ability to upload images and add text work, but the furniture we have preloaded isn't working for now. This just means you can upload all the images you want and that will work, so you can create boutiques, but will need to download the boutique content and just upload the pieces you want for now. You can also do this in other programs like the design studio, photoshop, etc. I'm hoping to resolve the issues all soon though,...
by Leandra - Comments: 8 - Views: 579

It took me almost 5hours behind the scenes but I managed to get the Gallery back in working condition. With this I had to change our points system back to the previous method so it won't be automatic like before. A slight step back but a temporary solution so that members can at least make purchases properly. One up side is that you'll once again receive points automatically for other things like friend requests, posting designs in the forums, and even replying to others topics. I'd like to make transactions automatic again eventually but for now this will make the gallery run again! Once again...
by Leandra - Comments: 6 - Views: 667

So I've found the issue with the Gallery and why the Buy Design button isn't working. The problem is that its much more complex involving the whole points system. Basically the place I got a code from to use for automating our points has closed their site down, making those codes unavailable. Basically since it was relied upon for our codes to work, they now don't. My only solution is to find a fix to keep them automated on my own or switch back to the previous form of system that was used. This would just mean that it won't update a persons number of points automatically when they buy designs,...
by Leandra - Comments: 14 - Views: 780

I'm pretty sure I know where the whole rumor of Designers Society closing started but they're completely FALSE. There is no way I'm shutting the site down, I have put way too much effort, time, and money into it to just randomly close. I'm extremely close to graduating college which means I'll hopefully have much more time to actually get done what I want to on here. I've bought our domain for the next year with my own money and Designers Society definitely isn't going anywhere.
So let the rumors cease here!
by Leandra - Comments: 8 - Views: 687

With a break in my school for awhile, I have some more free time on my hands. I want to push myself to design more often and get back into the groove of drawing everyday. I was thinking about making a daily fashion challenge for myself where I create something new everyday. Of course I want everyone to get involved so I'd also love to see other members share their creations as well. Let me know your thoughts on this and if you think it'd be a good idea for member activity?
by Leandra - Comments: 17 - Views: 1255

Alright everybody, I've been overloaded with work and college but I'm going into exam week meaning the closer I am to having free time. My spring break will mean more time to add stuff to DS. I have several plans in the works including a new catalogue addition based on earning Diamonds and a new contest. I'd like to keep the upcoming contest a surprise but it will definitely be something that has never been done before and will have some major perks. I'm sure you're all itching for a peek at what will be updated so here is a look at one of the inspiration boards for the diamond...
by Leandra - Comments: 8 - Views: 697

Since I never got around to the Holiday Giveaway, I'll be doing a giveaway for the New Year instead!
At the end of January I'll announce the 3 winners who will receive 3 unique prizes. Also you can look for more giveaways and contests in the upcoming month as well!
How to Enter: Simply leave a comment below with your New Years Resolution
Prizes: 500 points, Custom Signature designed by Myself,...
by Leandra - Comments: 8 - Views: 807

I know I have been off and on with plans for the site, so I know that its probably hard for members to get their hopes up very much. What I can say though is that I'm drawing closer to college graduation and getting my footing more in my future career. I've been working full time along with college, making it hard for any time to work on updates for the website. For now my plan is to binge out on some coding and try to make as many quick changes as possible. Get down to some of the barebones of what works on the site and clean up some of the unnecessary features or things that aren't as easily...
by Leandra - Comments: 12 - Views: 862

So I've been trying to do more research on programs for drawing since I feel that's what we really need to get the site going more. I found a website that had a drawing program called sketchpad and while it sounds basic it's very easy to use and has a lot of neat tools. Basically I've added a tab for this new program on the design studio page. It offers a lot of stuff like patterns, gradients, stands, text, and other neat tools. I'd encourage you all to try it and give me your opinions. I also contacted them about working to make a custom program for the website since their site mentioned they...
by Leandra - Comments: 18 - Views: 865

In hopes of drawing in more members I've changed our guest page that members first see when they arrive at our site. I'm hoping that by showcasing some of the features and members designs that it will make others want to do the same. I want everyones opinions though, I need the view of some new members and what people think of it when they first see our site. Please everyone give your opinions on how it looks compared to before and if there's anything you think would make it better!
by Leandra - Comments: 4 - Views: 549

It's taken me a long time to do but I've managed to make points practically automatic! Now when you make purchases from the gallery it will automatically update the number of points that you have. Keep in mind I'm in the process of doing this with other areas like the bank, catalogue, etc but it shouldn't take me too long to do those. I've also opened up the gallery again which is up and working fully. With this update to make points automatic I still have some bugs to work out and now your points are reset but you can click below and it will update to the points you had from before, this is just...
by Leandra - Comments: 8 - Views: 556

Hey everyone Im making up some ads and such I want to use members reviews of the site. So if you could just leave comments with your reviews of the site in a short sentence or so that way I can use them. Be honest just say what you think of the site like features and such!
by Leandra - Comments: 17 - Views: 1280

To Celebrate the Holidays we will have several new events this month!

Winter Wonderland Contest: Coming Soon

Holiday Central: Now Open

For those of you who have been members for years and remember some of our past home pages... We have brought back a previous home page to take you back in time, also featuring the Holiday theme!


by Leandra - Comments: 3 - Views: 819

I'm back! While I've been gone awhile due to personal reasons, I haven't forgotten you all and I fully intend to work on keeping things fresh. Now that I have some things sorted with school and work I can help work on adding new things to DS and making sure everything is running smoothly. For starters I want to work on the obvious fixes for things that may have stopped working or had some errors. I also have a list of tasks for myself to make sure everything is up to date and you all have some new content.

Points: With some technical errors, I haven't been able to update transactions...
by Leandra - Comments: 29 - Views: 1827

Not to get everyone's hopes up but I'm trying to use my contacts at college to find other programmers who may be interested in helping me create a design studio. I have a few people I'm going to ask that my professor has suggested, but I'm not sure yet. This is just an update so no one gets discouraged about the website, I am looking for more ways to turn it into a full business. Keep hope and I'll also be working on some updates to freshen things up in the meantime this summer as well! -Leandra
by Leandra - Comments: 5 - Views: 612

I wanted to publicly address all of you since I have been away lately. I've been experiencing many personal situations right now including the death of a family member, my birthday last week, and college exams in a week. My first step for DS is to put a few of the most loyal members in charge of keeping things running smoothly when I'm not available. These members whole will oversee the site as admins include:
Angelinamc, Artisticbiscuit, Mykelbe, Shelli, and Tammy
I know you'll all do an amazing job of keeping everything up to date and on trend. They will be reporting...
by Leandra - Comments: 4 - Views: 943

Alright here I am again! My life's been so super crazy with work and then starting college early this September. Until then, I plan to work feverishly on new things for you all. Once I'm settled in at school I should have some extra free time too. In the meantime, its all about making changes that'll make things easier for all of you while Im busy. Ideally I'd like to add that unlockable store, but that may not be done till this fall, as I have to make designs for it. Coding wise, I'm gonna see about automatic points transfers if I can get it worked out, we will see...
My goals for the next...
by Leandra - Comments: 8 - Views: 1037

As some of you know I've been away the past few months on vacation. After the 3rd time having to retype this long message I'm getting a little bit upset... I now have my iMac setup in the office and am able to start working on more in depth additions for the site. Keep in mind that I have some other things going on now like a new job, etc. So I'll do my best to work on everything for DS in the free time that I have. That being said, here are a list of some additions I'd like to make in the next month or so:
-The unlockables store will be designed and added to the catalogue, featuring sleek...
by Leandra - Comments: 3 - Views: 794

Hello all, I just wanted to address my recent absence from working on the site. I've been away on vacation and will be for the next few weeks. I hope everyone has a good summer and expect lots of new features once I'm back! -Leandra
by Leandra - Comments: 3 - Views: 789

I finally finished designing and coding the next new arrival to our catalogue. Posies features plants and florals in this nature themed store. I'll also be working on this as a new series with different designs and new arrivals for the different seasons of the year! Hope you all like it, more coming soon!
by Leandra - Comments: 5 - Views: 774

After a few days of coding and designing, the next new addition to the site is here. The Catalogue will be replacing our society stores in a new and easy to use way. You can access the catalogue where you found the society stores before, by clicking the shop tab. Everything is right there with categories, making it easy for you to find just what you need. Shopping is a breeze, you can choose any item in the catalogue and simply click to add it to your cart. Once you're done you can check out and all the fashions will be sent to you automatically in your messages. All the current society stores...
by Leandra - Comments: 8 - Views: 779

Now the new members have a way to get started with creating some basic designs before they create full fashions on their own. Thanks to our Angel member, Shelli, you all have new fashion templates available for download. These fashion templates are in white with realistic shading, so you can start creating simple designs. Members can change the hue/colorize the designs and add details using the paintbrushes. Like Girlsense had templates to start with, you can get creative in using these templates or create your own fashions from scratch. Download them now from the Materials page!
by Leandra - Comments: 16 - Views: 1439

It's just a small change, but I've added a smiley icon to let members quickly know you gave them a diamond like. You can use the smiley icon to access the smiley icons, or simply enter:

In any message to display it. Hope you all Diamond Liked this new feature!
by Leandra - Comments: 6 - Views: 701

I've finished working on the new home design. It now incorporates a main banner with the latest news, recent topics, and more. Below the main banner are the main options showing your boutique, gallery, and present(updated fridays automatically). There is also a section for recent fashions, boutiques, and outfits for you all to look through quickly. After these main areas, the home page has the same masonry as the old one with all the same links. Let me know what you think of this new look and any errors and changes that need made.
by Leandra - Comments: 21 - Views: 1522

Since the masonry setup, there have been many mixed opinions on it. I personally think that if used properly it would be a neat way to show off all the fashions. Many others have found the changes hard to get used to. Since I'm trying to make things easier and settle things in a way that can be less work for me, Id like all your opinions on some site changes. I wanna make sure that when I do change things again, there won't be many issues with members. Also that you'll all then know what to expect with these new changes. I'm gonna have this kinda setup like voting you can put either yay or nay...
by Leandra - Comments: 32 - Views: 2675

A new feature is here... it's the LookBook! You can access it from the Design page in the top left "Outfit" area. It also tells who made the fashions and where you can buy these items. It's simple and fun, with an easy to use index that lets you look through the different styles. Outfits will be chosen from the Outfit Section and those who are chosen will be prompted with a private message and the info needed for the feature. All items have prices and designer names, some prices can be clicked to go straight to where you can purchase the item. Enjoy and look for outfits picked by our team every...
by Leandra - Comments: 3 - Views: 915

by Leandra - Comments: 8 - Views: 963

The newest Society Store is here, featuring a business by our very own Tammy!
Sempiternal features trendy and colorful clothes perfect for spring.
Now available, everyone can make purchases starting now, so buy, buy, buy!
by Leandra - Comments: 5 - Views: 692

I've finally updated our model sizing and HD is the new standard size. Selling regular size is still allowed, but from now on please us the HD or Salon size. Salon size is now unlocked for free at Novice rank as well. You can all get the HD model from the Materials page, Novice+ rank members can also get the Salon size from here. I've finished the full body redesigned Salon size model with complete details. Those of you who have unlocked the Salon model in the past will receive the updated version in their private messages. Thanks everyone!
by Leandra - Comments: 1 - Views: 635

Many of you have wanted to make items offer only, now you can. To set an item as not for sale in the gallery, simple put the price at 0. It will automatically set the item as not for sale, removing the option to purchase it and leaving a note to make offers. I've also generally updated the Sell/Upload Design page, which includes a note about the not for sale option. Hope you all like this added feature :)
by Leandra - Comments: 6 - Views: 782

New here? New to the site changes? If you're stuck, hopefully this will help... I've added a new member intro tutorial which is interactive and will step you through everything you need to know. New members will automatically be prompted with this tutorial as soon as they sign up and login. Current members can also review this tutorial in the Help Center. To get to the Help Center just click the "Need Help?" link at the bottom of every page. From there you can see everything you'll learn with the tutorial and get started. Those who complete the tutorial will also get a special new member gift pack...
by Leandra - Comments: 4 - Views: 1078

It's finally here! The first Collector's Edition SS has been released. This new store offers an interactive store window that you can hover and click to see specific items for sale. Those who prefer the classic setup can also scroll down for a full list of items for sale. Transactions are now also automatic! As soon as you complete your check out, you can find the fashions in your private messages right away. All future Society Stores will have the automatic feature and interactive windows as well. This...
by Leandra - Comments: 1 - Views: 1156

The Business page has been remodeled with a very similar look to Society Stores. With this change, the whole setup is different. Now instead of selling samples, members will vote for their favorites to become a Society Store. Then if it becomes a Society store they can purchase all the items from the boutique, plus others the creator wants to include. To vote, simply click the Diamond below the members business boutique. Your boutique must contain only fashions and interior made by yourself. If their "Business Boutique" gains 25 votes, it will become a society store. The Society...
by Leandra - Comments: 4 - Views: 1097

I've revised the teams and added a few new members. We also have 3 new angels and added perks. Congrats to angelinamc, mykelbe, and pink who are now angel team members! First, here is a list of our full team and angel team.

Team Members: ArtisticBiscuit • FloraBlossom • Jazzy • milbeyful • Moon • Tammy
Angels: angelinamc • Chloe • Desert • mykelbe • Pink • Renko • Shelli

Now onto the perks for those of you who are a part of our teams, and as motivation for those who want to become part of one. Here are some of the bonuses for all your hard work and...
by Leandra - Comments: 10 - Views: 885

We now have a new bank, which offers some of the same older features... but with some new updates! Like everything else, diamonds are now incorporated, the more you have the more features you unlock. These features aren't unlock based on a special rank, but the number of diamonds you have. One feature in fact is only unlocked after reaching 60 diamonds! You can also purchase points in the same way, but with bonus items added for your donation. The link to our bank is on the home page, I'll also be adding...
by Leandra - Comments: 2 - Views: 779

Now introducing my top picks, which will feature fashions, outfits, and boutiques from the different site sections. New designs posted by members will be showcased with 4 different monthly editions. Top Pick's will be posted both on my blog and through a newsletter to all the members! Mondays can be a pain, now we have some fashion therapy to end your day. Prepare for a month full of designs and new features. While you're at it here...
by Leandra - Comments: 3 - Views: 684

After months, I've finally finished the Salon and its now available to all! With this new feature you can create your own avatar using the model and many facial features and options to choose from. You can also get the salon quality model, more than double quality of the HD model, and create your own designs to use. Those of you who get the Salon model can create designs to upload in the salon and use as well! You'll also be able to sell salon quality fashion designs in the Gallery too. Society Stores featuring salon model quality fashions will be sold in the near future. You can get started using...
by Leandra - Comments: 13 - Views: 1118

I'm now in the process of updating the look of new post pages. When you go to make a new post you'll notice that some of the buttons have changed. There is a new Upload Image button which you can use to upload images much faster and easier, which now will automatically be added to your post. No more copying and pasting codes!
This is just the beginning, I'm updating the overall look of the page to give everything an updated style!
Also for those who had issues with designs being clickable, this is NO LONGER POSSIBLE AT ALL....
by Leandra - Comments: 27 - Views: 7933

Along with the new site changes, comes a new team setup! To make things easy to understand, the teams have been consolidated into one. Here are the current team groups you can become part of (color coded to show the color of their username):
Team Member: Be part of the team, helping with different work on the site such as fashions, furniture, maintenance, and more.
Angel: The most loyal members who are part of the team will be continue to...
by Leandra - Comments: 9 - Views: 881

It took me quite awhile, but I've finally fixed all the site masonry issues. Members using Mozilla Firefox and IE should be able to see everything as it is meant to. Tiles are now all consolidated into the masonry design and its compatible across all browsers! EVERYONE will notice that now the format is a little different so that all the most recent posts show across the top instead of having to scroll down and then up to see posts in order. Now all the newest posts show seamlessly across the top! I may also make a few small tweaks over...
by Leandra - Comments: 5 - Views: 775

I've decided to create a contest series so that you're all guaranteed a new one every month! They'll each have their own theme and prizes to go along with that theme. The contest will start the 1st of the month and entries will be allowed for 3 weeks. After that our winner will be picked the 4th week of the month!
See this months contest here:

Note: There may be other special contests for different holidays that are running in addition to the monthly...
by Leandra - Comments: 0 - Views: 699

I've finally worked out an automated Rank system and updated all the ways to earn! You'll notice your rank probably changed, that's because its now based on the new Diamond system! This may seem upsetting at first, but its also automatic. So when you earn more diamonds you'll get the new rank right away along with all its perks! For starters, here's the list of how many diamonds are needed to earn each rank:
Junior: Earn 1 Diamond
Novice: Earn 15 Diamonds
Pro: Earn 30 Diamonds
by Leandra - Comments: 13 - Views: 907

I'm expecting some of you to flip out about the new Design Studio... but it isn't super different than sumo paint. Only a few things have changed really and this one will support the larger sized salon models, which sumo didn't at all. I'll quickly go through the main changes so that you know how to use this studio and can continue to design as usual.

New Layer from Images: Instead of going into file like on sumo, you'll now go to the "Layer" tab and at the bottom is the option Import> From my Computer

Polygonal Lasso Tool: I swear by this tool and it's...
by Leandra - Comments: 14 - Views: 923

Many of you don't always know about new updates and changes right away. With the changes to the site, I've made it easy to keep up on news. Now next to the Notifications and Challenges links, "News" is now added to the sidebar. When there are unread messages you'll see an exclamation point next to this link, letting you know about new posts. You can click here and it will open a small window with my most recent posts. The most recently posted or commented on blog psot will appear at the top, and goes in order...
by Leandra - Comments: 1 - Views: 634

Recently Forumotion has been working on updating the chat system. With these changes, ours hasn't been working. I've been using another chat system which became incompatible with it. Until they have it fully fixed, I've enabled the original forumotion chat. You'll find it in the same place as usual when you click the "Chat" button. It doesn't offer all the same features, so just be patient until that is all fixed. For now it'll at least give us our chat back :)
by Leandra - Comments: 1 - Views: 594
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