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Design your Dream, Inspire a Society
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New Member Tutorial

Learn the basics of the site like how to get materials, design fashions, buy/sell designs, & more.
You'll get extra points along the way and a special new member pack when you complete the tutorial! The New Member Pack will include extra design materials, free fashions from our latest Society Store, & special Sales offers.

What This Tutorial Covers
Navigate the Site Pages
Get the Model and Materials
Design Fashions in the Studio
Sell Your Designs
Make a Post
Earning Points
View Other members Designs
Earning/Giving Diamonds
View/Send Private Messages
Check your Info/Edit Profile
Start the Tutorial

Before you can start designing you will need to download the model template from the Design page. From the Design page, click the fabric rolls and it will open teh materials. After that you can click the fashion design sketch to open the design studio and start your design. If you need help with designing, there are tutorials on our youtube channel: For step by step instructions, you can read the DSUniversity lessons and watch the corresponding videos.
From the Design page you can click the gold keys to open the boutique creator. Once you have created your boutique you can upload it to your profile by following instructions on the "Edit Profile" page. You can view your boutique as it appears to others by going to the "View Profile" page. Once you have finished your boutique you can click the "Explore" link and go to the boutique section. From there you can write a new post and upload your boutique to share with others.
You can edit your profile by clicking the "My Info" tab on the menu and then clicking "Edit Profile". You can view your profile by clicking "View Profile" on the sidebar menu. To view a members profile, simply click their username from anywhere on the site.
Buying & Selling
To access the Gallery, go to the Shop page and click the Gallery on the right side. You can sell your fashions in the Gallery by going to the category you want and clicking "Sell" at the top left. You can purchase fashions in the gallery when you view them and click the "Buy Design" button on the right side. Note: The Buy button will not appear if you have an insufficient amount of points. You can also purchase items from the Society Stores, Businesses, and Bank.
Diamonds are a number based experience system that let you earn new ranks.The more diamonds you earn, the higher rank you get! Diamonds can only go up like experience, so there is no losing, only gaining. You can see your current number of diamonds right from the left sidebar menu. On all your posts and on your profile are the current number of diamonds you have as well. At the top of a post are the number of likes/diamonds it has earned. This way you can check how many likes your/others specific post has earned.

Earning Diamonds
You can earn diamonds when you make a new post in any of the categories. Original posts all have the "Like" option which gives a diamond. When a member likes your post you get a diamond. The same for you, when you like another members post, they earn a diamond! So if you really like that fashion, outfit, or boutique that they posted, you can like the post and they earn more! Don't worry, You won't lose any diamonds by doing this, so feel free to like as many posts as you want!
You can earn points by selling fashions in the gallery, making posts, adding friends, and winning contests. You also have the option to purchase more points, while also helping donate to the site. You can use points to purchase fashions from the Gallery, Society Stores, and more. You can also use points to unlock new items and features from the bank.
The ranks are automatically given based on the number of diamonds you have. You can see your current rank from the left sidebar menu, right above your number of points and diamonds.
Earning Ranks
Junior: Earn 1 Diamond
Novice: Earn 15 Diamonds
Pro: Earn 30 Diamonds
Elite: Earn 50 Diamonds
Rank Exclusive Content
Junior: Unlock the Society Stores, which offers specially made fashions by our Team.
Novice: Create more detailed designs on a higher quality, Salon model.
Pro: Unlock exclusive Collector Society Stores, featuring the top of the line designs.
Elite: Write your own posts that get tons of views, right on the Elite Blog.
& Many more new Features unlocked with each Rank!
Need Help
You can contact the owner, in the footer at the bottom of every page is the "Contact the Owner" link, you can send her a private message directly. For fast assistance, you can use the chat to ask questions and many members can try to help. Also look for members with a colored username in the chat, who are part of our team and can help as well.

General Rules: !Download Content is exclusive to the website, any sharing the content with other's is prohibited. Taking images from the internet and distorting to the model or using items from girlsense, stardoll, or anywhere else is against the rules. Designs must be solely created by yourself using the Design Studio. Be considerate to other members, make sure your posts are appropriate and kind. No bullying is allowed, do not make mean or cruel comments towards members. Members that continue to break these rules after warning will become banned for a period of time based on the rule broken, and even PERMANENTLY if kept up. Designers Society is about girls and women alike joining Together, supporting Eachother, and becoming Friends in a Society of Designers. -Leandra, Creator/Owner
Gallery Rules: Only sell fashions made by yourself on Designers Society. Fashions from other members, jackpot, presents, or girlsense will be deleted. After being warned, if you continue to post girlsense designs you will be subtracted 50 points from your account each time. If you post inappropriate content in the gallery you may become ban for a certain period of time. A fashion is only allowed to be resold once. This means that if you bought it as a resale, you can not resell it.
Reselling Rules: A fashion is only allowed to be resold once. This means that if you bought it as a resale, you can not resell it. The original designer you have the right to sell 2 copies of your design. This means that if these designs get resold, there will be only 4 copies of each design. Since many members just create different colors i think these should follow the rule of counting as one. Since all they do is change the hue it isnt really a different design. This means if you make other colors, only sell two total of the design. You could always sell the other colors in an auction. Now if it is a custom color for a user then that is allowed with the same fashion.

Need Help?
"Designers Society is about everyone joining Together, supporting Eachother, and becoming Friends
in a Society of Designers."
-Leandra, Creator/Owner
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