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Making HD Designs fit Regular Models

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Making HD Designs fit Regular Models Empty

Now, with the release of the HD models, many members are creating HD fashions that they sell. Since some of you may not have the HD model and want certain fashions that are in HD, there is a way to fit them. It is very simple to do and the first step is to open the HD fashion you want to downsize in the design studio. It the top is the Image tab where you'll want to click "Image Size..." There will be several options, you'll want to uncheck the Smoothing box and then check the Constrain Proportions box. Now where the height should say 1564 px you'll want to replace 15 with 7, so your new height should be 724px. Simply click Ok and your fashion will now fit the regular model! Note: If they have cropped the fashion and it does not have the space around it then you'll have to open the model itself, then the HD fashion and use "Free Transform" to fit it to the model. Hope this helps!

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Making HD Designs fit Regular Models Comments

Re: Making HD Designs fit Regular Models
Post on Fri Mar 21, 2014 6:11 pm by ManiacSmile
Thanks Leandra ;)
Re: Making HD Designs fit Regular Models
Post on Fri Mar 21, 2014 7:50 pm by Sonjas
Thank You : )

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