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Second Currency Debate

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Second Currency Debate - Page 4 Empty

I'm thinking about adding a second way to earn and spend. This currency would be much more rare and take more work to earn, but would give great rewards. For example, you would be able to get special fashions, features, and more with this new currency. There would be many ways to earn like certain awards and special contests. You could also convert points to this new currency. The purpose would be to help members with more points gain an interest to earn this new currency and to add an extra way to get special things. Yes or no, vote now!

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Should we have a second currency?
Second Currency Debate - Page 4 Vote_lcap33%Second Currency Debate - Page 4 Vote_rcap
 33% [ 6 ]
Second Currency Debate - Page 4 Vote_lcap39%Second Currency Debate - Page 4 Vote_rcap
 39% [ 7 ]
Second Currency Debate - Page 4 Vote_lcap28%Second Currency Debate - Page 4 Vote_rcap
 28% [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 18

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Second Currency Debate Comments

Re: Second Currency Debate
Post on Mon Sep 22, 2014 5:01 pm by Claire
I'm in for whatever you choose btw :) i like the second currency idea it adds more a a professional feel. ( I say that a lot sorry). And Angelinamc you are right, nobody is really buying anything anywhere really, and there could be more than one cause for that, for me I don't have lots of points like most of yall lol which was also brought up, I like the idea of more point earning things, because if you are sucky at designing (me) you really don't have a lot of income to buy stuff. Also another reason people may not be buying is cause we don't have something to do with them afterward. Like I see Leandra may be working on an outfit center thingy? if we got some points for posting an outfit that would be cool.

Okay this is getting long imma stop.

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