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New Home Central

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New Home Central - Page 2 Empty

I finally finished this project and have added our new home central! Hopefully you'll all enjoy the new look and it will make things more clean and easier to use. I'll start by explaining how it works and go through the new additions!

Center Page:
-Society Reader: The magazine rack can be clicked to view our current society reader, archives coming soon.
-Advertisements: You can get your ads on the home page, which can be bought from the bank.
-News Slide: Our news slide is the same and will show the latest info with clickable images that take you right to the content.
-The News: The clickable news stand will have the latest from my news blog for you all to read.

Left Page:
-Info Chalkboard: The info on the chalkboard shows your avatar, rank, points, and new messages. You can also see the jackpot info right below on the chalkboard.
-Your Boutique: You can see your current boutique in large size, when clicked it will take you to edit your profile/boutique.
-Events Sign: The current site event will be shown here, so look for new events to come.

Right Page:
-Gift Box: The present of the week can be received by clicking the gift box, you can also use it to donate a present.
-Featured Boutiques: You can see our three featured boutiques of the month by clicking the navigation arrows, click to go to their profile.
-Shopping Bag: The shopping bag can be clicked and will show the latest gallery fashions, society store, and business.
-Designer of the Month: You can view the designer of months info, fashions, and click to be linked to their gallery and profile.
-Gallery Info: There are links to the members galleries and your gallery, as well as your progress for fashions bought and sold.

Interacting on the Home: Almost everything interactive has a special hover effect. The page is also timed to change the background and lighting with your current time!

Hopefully you'll all enjoy these new changes and please give feedback for future additions to it!
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New Home Central Comments

Re: New Home Central
Post on Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:11 pm by angelinamc
everything is working for me :) That did the same to me as well but I made it that when I click on my icon for DS it takes me to the forums then I can log in. IF that makes any sense lol I just copied the url for the forum page and pasted it to where my icons or folder what ever you call those on my chrome page little short cuts it guess and now it doesn't do that any more.
Re: New Home Central
Post on Fri Jun 20, 2014 10:51 am by Guest
wat if fo now ok u just make a pg where ppl can upload btqs wen ppl update if day want ok like on form or something u just put it can b like old galleries sort of ok u upload but day disappear later ok or ppl can upload on da upload n update pg n airytime day upload ok the ppl just take down old n put update u could do it like da galleries now ok do u get wat im saying ok lots of words ok
Re: New Home Central
Post on Sun Feb 01, 2015 8:42 am by Guest
RIP to the old home central
Re: New Home Central
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