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Boutiques on Your Profiles

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Boutiques on Your Profiles Empty

Yay Everyone pay attention! You can now put your boutiques on your profile! There is a new field when you edit your profile and you can add a url to an image. At the bottom of the page is tinypic which you can upload and host your image on. It will give you a url link that you can add to the boutique url and it will appear right on your profile for everyone to see! If you need help leave a comment here. I would also like to start moving boutiques over to profiles instead of the gallery to take up less space(meaning more space for your fashions) Boutiques take up the most space in the gallery so it would at least double how many fashions we can all have up!

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Boutiques on Your Profiles Comments

Re: Boutiques on Your Profiles
Post on Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:31 pm by Leandra
I just wanted to let everyone know that from now on you won't need to add your boutiques to the gallery. You will now add them to your profiles instead, this feature will be worked on more to show off members boutiques. This also means that you wont need approval and your boutique will be public right away. Those of you who already had boutiques in the gallery, it was transferred to your profile. A major upside is now you all have lots more room for fashions in the gallery :)
Re: Boutiques on Your Profiles
Post on Tue Mar 26, 2013 10:19 pm by Leandra
A lot of posts I know, but it's important to read these. Now you can all submit entries for boutique of the week! You could make it on the home just keep checking. You also earn points when you submit entries. See links to submit yours under the boutiques of the week on home and the contest page. Click Here for Details!
Re: Boutiques on Your Profiles
Post on Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:17 am by jumjum
Great! having the boutiques on the profiles automates the process, we can upload and see the btq displayed immediately. I was thinking, is it possible to add a comment section, so that other members can comment and rate a boutique window after visiting it on the profile page?
Re: Boutiques on Your Profiles
Post on Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:25 am by Leandra
There actually is right now but it's on a separate tab of the members profile, it's called Visitor messages. They can leave comments there which you can see by clicking View Points & Award on the Profile Page or find yourself in the memberlist! I'd like to improve this onto the profile page in future if I could too.
Re: Boutiques on Your Profiles
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