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The Boutique Creator: Now Available!

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The Boutique Creator: Now Available! - Page 2 Empty

The Boutique Creator: Now Available! - Page 2 Botuique_creator_1

It took awhile, but the boutique creator is finally finished! After months of work, it is to the point of being released. With the new boutique creator you can access tons of furniture and items to decorate a boutique. You can move, re-size, and even choose colors for many new materials. As well you can add all your own fashions/furniture and create rich stylish text! Soon to come will be our packs that offer more exclusive content with different themes and society store items. Above is just one example of the many boutiques that can be created with the new boutique creator.
I've added the new boutique creator to the Studio Central page, you can click the keys to access it. I've also added a Fullscreen link at the bottom for easier use on different screen sizes, if you have trouble I recommend zooming out a little bit.

Loading: Until I can add a loading feature, please wait until the page has fully loaded before using the boutique creator, since some of the images may not appear otherwise. A quick way to tell everything is loaded is if you click the "Add Text" button on the menu and wait for the # hex color areas to change from white to color.

Important: Right now I have one main coding issue that I'm in the process of working out, but would delay the creator from being released for about a month. So instead of making you all wait, I've decided to add some work arounds for the time being. Until fixed, please follow these steps to save your boutique depending on the browser you use. It is recommended that you test this before using the boutique creator the first time.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox: You can use all the features including the furniture tabs. Once you are done, you can right click on the boutique to save it.

Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera: For the time being, you can't use the images from the furniture tabs only, but you can upload all your own pictures/furniture and use the other features. Once you are finished, you can click the "Save" button on the main menu. For those of you who can't use the furniture tabs, here is the download:
Boutique Content    

If any of you experience other issues please let me know right away since I'm still in the process of adding new features and working on errors. For more help and step by step on how it works, see the "Help" button on the boutique creator main menu.
Hope you all enjoy the new Boutique Creator everyone!    

Last edited by Leandra on Fri Oct 24, 2014 2:39 pm; edited 1 time in total
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The Boutique Creator: Now Available! Comments

Re: The Boutique Creator: Now Available!
Post on Sun Oct 19, 2014 10:58 pm by Guest
wow ok dat looks good ok da models looks fab ok just crop da btq in it shuld b good ok
Re: The Boutique Creator: Now Available!
Post on Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:31 am by mykelbe
Aw thanks Fries! I can't use the actual boutique editor yet. Just the download content. The materials will not transfer up into the boutique for me.
Re: The Boutique Creator: Now Available!
Post on Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:04 pm by Guest
yw Mykelbe ok
Re: The Boutique Creator: Now Available!
Post on Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:02 pm by Desert
Re: The Boutique Creator: Now Available!
Post on Fri Oct 24, 2014 6:55 pm by angelinamc
Mykelbe it doesn't fully work for me either, I have to use the add pictures tab to make my btqs, the text works though. I am able make the items small or large can you do that like for example the actual background you can enlarge it to fit, the video that Leandra put out does show how we can shrink or make an image bigger hope that helps.

The video explains it a lot better than I can.

Re: The Boutique Creator: Now Available!
Post on Fri Nov 14, 2014 4:43 pm by princhelle32
i don't know how to purchase models girl3
Re: The Boutique Creator: Now Available!
Post on Fri Nov 14, 2014 5:33 pm by Guest
models r free ok go on studio pg ok then go on fabric scrolls ok click that ok then download mods ok hope this helps u ok u can buy mods from the bank that r diff pose ok but just get da other models 4 now ok
Re: The Boutique Creator: Now Available!
Post on Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:08 pm by princhelle32
nice store

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