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Flash: February/March

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Flash: February/March Empty

I've been debating a few new features for the site. With the recent complete overhaul of the site, I've been working on new additions to bring on the scene. Now we have automated rank systems and a new diamond/like system. There will also be new features to support all these changes, including automating parts of the gallery and society stores. Here's a quick list of my plans for the next month or so:
-Yes, once again I'm gonna bring up the Salon even though I've delayed it lots, I'm still working on the facial features for it and editing coding to make sure it's released without any issues... Expect this by the end of March for sure, I don't wanna give any specific dates I'd rather surprise you all.
-Automated transactions: If I can workout the gallery coding then purchases will be automatic so as soon as you purchase them you'll get the fashions direct to your inbox with no wait. There'll also be no debates about if you have enough points, you'll only be able to make purchases if you have enough points for it.
-Rank based Challenges: I wanna work on adding special challenges for you all to complete, with new ones to unlock with each rank you earn.
-Search options: I'll be adding an option to search for specific posts very soon. This will make things easier to find if you want to get to something by a specific author, specific date, or title.
-Collector Society Stores: I'll be finishing my first Collector Society Store, with Nouveau. There will be two different levels and transactions will also be automatic here. Those with enough diamonds, will also unlock special fashions from this store.
-New Newsletters: Newsletters will still be monthly, but will offer more info on the new features and you may receive some other newsletters during different site events and changes.
-Chat Fixes: Right now forumotion has changed the chat and are in the process of working out some issues. If it isn't all fixed soon, I'll see about implementing a different system until fixed completely.
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Flash: February/March Comments

Re: Flash: February/March
Post on Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:48 pm by Leandra
Update: I've added a new setup on the home which shows a few of the latest news updates from my blog! This way you can see right away if there are any changes or new features right from the home!
Re: Flash: February/March
Post on Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:27 pm by Guest
I really am excited for this all but i wish i there could be a list of recent forum posts like there used to be instead of always searching each page everyday and everyminute it gets annoying other than that i think this is so cool and DS is on its way to great future and potential
Re: Flash: February/March
Post on Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:06 pm by Leandra
Yeah I'm gonna work on that too, its on my todo list right now but notifications and searching help with that. The search feature should make things easier and in the meantime you can see new replies via notifications. I want to also add a recent list soon after :)
Re: Flash: February/March
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