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Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now

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Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now Empty

Since the masonry setup, there have been many mixed opinions on it. I personally think that if used properly it would be a neat way to show off all the fashions. Many others have found the changes hard to get used to. Since I'm trying to make things easier and settle things in a way that can be less work for me, Id like all your opinions on some site changes. I wanna make sure that when I do change things again, there won't be many issues with members. Also that you'll all then know what to expect with these new changes. I'm gonna have this kinda setup like voting you can put either yay or nay to the options. You can also include additional feedback to help detail what needs to change.
#1 Do you think the masonry works for the site?
#2 If yes to #1, then does it need some changes to make it work better?
#3 Would you prefer if the masonry were all even instead of mismatched?
#4 Do you like the new overall look/styling (color scheme, font, etc.)?

Now Id really like as much detail as possible, so don't just say that you don't like it and thats it. Try to include examples that go along with your idea. Reference the look of other sites, share different ideas for a posting style that could be used. Websites that you think have a good modern look and setup, but are appealing and easy to use. Some examples could be specific like tumblr themes even or a fashion blog. Let me know any other things that need changed that will be of more help in the long term. I'm mainly looking for input on the site as a whole and not just super small details. If Im gonna overhaul the site for the members, then I wanna stick with it this time I don't wanna have to change again. I thought that this would be it for a few years and everyone would love it, but if it needs changed please say now.

Last edited by Leandra on Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:10 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now Comments

Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:20 pm by Leandra
Note: Here are a few site themes I looked at that might work nicely. Now have an open mind because most aren't designed for a huge community of posts, so just know Id take care of making that the focal point. Mostly try to look at the overall setup like menu, content area(where posts would be), etc. Also try to think of them in our color schemes, maybe the same fonts as either here or in the themes.
(In no particular order, just for easy reference which you like)
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:37 pm by angelinamc
I choose #1. Personally I do love how it looks.
#2 the only thing that I would change is,, that the home page kind of jumps a little, I mean when I try to click on lets say outfits it kind of reloads a little, meaning sometimes it looks one way then it looks another way this is hard to explain...grrr so when I click I end up clicking on something else. but it's not that a real big deal. I would like it if you can make it possible again though for us to see whose online. But I do like how the homepage looks. I do miss the auction house though and the Society Reader.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Sun Mar 29, 2015 11:07 pm by Leandra
@Angelinamc Yeah thats because an auto reload I have set. Basically once the masonry pages load once it refreshes the page. I have it set to do this only because sometimes the content loads too soon and then the masonry is messed up and overlapped. I wanna work on fixing this so basically then it just loads right and i don't have to have that refresh set. Until then you just gotta wait for the page to load and then it'll refresh and things are fine after that (a pain i know). Thanks for the input and yeah Im hoping to work on a new auction house at some point.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:18 pm by angelinamc
Diamond/Like:) Thank you Leandra that makes sense I'll wait until it loads lol I'm just a little impatience sometimes lol:)
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:14 pm by Leandra
Agreed, Im gonna see what I can do to fix that, assuming we keep the masonry setup :)
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:06 pm by NEOdesigns
I agree with Angelina for #1. I miss the slide shows of features for the month on the homepage.  It will be cool to bring it back. And the Auction House, Society Reader and present of the week/month, also.  A lot of most members enjoyed these features.
I like the layout of #5. Maybe we can do something like that with a solid color background. Since, we had complaints in the past about the background being “busy”.
I guess members expect it to look something like this. It kind of did at one point:

Feedback (For members’ happiness and less work for Leandra, in mind)
I have seen members comment that this site isn’t like Girlsense. I think it is similar, but it won’t be an exact replica. As for the changes made, I can see why members may be confused on where to start and understanding the site.  From what I remember, we had our highest peak of active members back in 2013. Members responded well to the layout where 3 boutiques, 3 fashions and member of the month that were showcased. Then changes were made based on member’s suggestions. Members need to understand that not every suggestion or idea can be beneficial for site. There was a way to fix certain issues without making major changes. Those changes threw a lot of members off.
-What went wrong in my opinion?
Too many changes within a 2 to 3 year span.
Layout change: From the drop down menu to the side navigation bar and slide pages on the Home page. There were some members who didn't know there were left and right sides or how to hide navigation bar. Home page now, tbh, I don’t really visit or use it. I'd prefer the drop down menu. I think that it is ideal for sites like this. For example, popular sites like former Girlsense, Stardoll and Idressup. 
-How we can fix these issues?
As Leandra mentioned make an official change and then update when needed. For example, updates for new features. The least changes we have, the least times we would have to revise tutorials and information pages.  It will give members, especially new ones, a chance to memorize the site and become familiar with us. Keep the site interesting by giving free gifts, and creating more contests and events.
Layout: For the Home page, we can come up with a page layout that’s appealing, easy to understand and describe what this site is about just by looking at it. Like the layout back then, showed what we were about while showing off the works of our members and monthly member highlights. This showed our members what to expect and subliminally giving them a goal to make it onto the homepage.

In conclusion, I suggest we revert back the layout from 2013, or something similar. It worked for the popularity/activity of the site at that time. Maybe bringing that layout back, while incorporating the new and future features, can help spike popularity/activity of the site again.

Diamonds: I actually like the diamond/like rank system. I think it gives the site a modern twist.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:31 pm by Leandra
@Shelli You definitely had lots of great advice and put much thought and effort into this, which I very much appreciate. My only concern here is that I don't want to take a step back, I want the site to step forward and be new, not just a girlsense replica. Honestly its more meant for an older age range now than girlsense had targeted, and I personally found their home quite cluttered(though i grew quite used to it since it never changed, kinda makes that nostalgia kick in). My best approach would be to try to bring back some of those features, but just with a more up to date and clean look. After that I hope that it will be able to all stay that way for a long time, giving members a site that becomes memorable in its look. I guess what Im saying is that I agree with you on pretty much all of it, and Ill do my best to add them all in a new interesting way.
P.S. A note about the site activity, I think too that traffic was heavier because the wider search for girlsense and sites like girlsense back then. Now a few years later, that has declined and older girlsense members just eventually moved on and have gotten older, hence less that will be looking for and finding this site.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:41 pm by Leandra
Also the site look this is kinda what I'm possibly picturing in my head...
I like the top menu of #1, but with a logo above it possibly like #3 has.
For the post/content layout I like both #4 and #5(possibly the home page)
For blog posts I like #6
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Tue Mar 31, 2015 11:29 am by NEOdesigns
I totally agree with on bring back some of the feature and updated clean look. That should work for the members understanding the site, since that's the main complaint. And the unique look you want for the site. 

I agree with the #1
#3 logo, looks good. Maybe if it wasn't to big and filling up half the screen.
#4 and 6 looks great for the content and blog posts. Will these layouts eliminate the loading problem?
#5 I like it for the homepage, too.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:57 pm by angelinamc
I agree with everything Shelli brought out, but like I mentioned before, about contests, it's real discouraging for ones to make them when no hardly joins them. And it is also discouraging for the few who do, because it doesn't feel like a real contest when you only have one or two who join. I was thinking maybe if its possible, that ones might be encouraged to join more contests if they at least receive a diamond just for participating. I don't know I'm just thinking of ways to encourage, or maybe there can be a little reminder popup like that little letter you would have show up when you had a something special to remind us about. Maybe something like that to remind us all of the important events or topics and contests that are out. Right now Art is having a contest and it's a fun one. but any how I just feel that more would enjoy this site if ones took the time and look through all the features that it has, the outfits, fashions, contest, the challenges and so forth. There are still quite a bit of topics that were posted by members and new ones that only a few had visited and left a comment. When no one visits and comments or click on that lovely diamond that is very discouraging. If we want members to come back we need to make sure to check out every topic and leave at least a little comment just to give a little encouragement. Well sorry for gong on and on. But all I'm saying is that it has to do more than how this site looks, it has to do with the morale of this site, how we treat each other, everyone loves to design that's why we all loved playing GS, but we didn't just love to design, we love the recognition of our work, the compliments. The purpose for designing is that we want ones to say wow can I buy that? lol It makes us feel like cool I am doing better. and encourages us to want to continue to design more. Well hope what i'm saying makes sense. again sorry for getting all mushy about this. It's just I have come to love this site and to care about everyone in here as well. Okay I am a mushball:)
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:45 pm by Leandra
@Shelli Agreed on everything you said about the look, including about the logo I wouldnt make it nearly that big(kinda like the size we had before)
@angelinamc I agree with pretty much everything you say there, although I also know the look does have to do with it because if it isnt visually interesting or too tricky then members dont give it much time to look around. Im having mykelbe work on managing all the contests right now and she has many great plans for getting members motivated with that. With a change of the site look, maybe I can find a way to integrate more options into the notification system like contests and site events.

I'm pretty sure on most everything here but Im just waiting a few days to see if any more members have other opinions to add before I remake things.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:51 pm by angelinamc
Oh I didn't mean that, I do agree with the look of the site, I just meant that ones need to get more involved in encouraging others get more active in that and supporting eachother that's all I meant.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:58 pm by Leandra
I agree on that completely and hopefully I can do my best to give perks for interacting as well :)
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Wed Apr 01, 2015 6:05 pm by Guest
Honestly I think you shoudn't even mess with the site theme anymore? I mean it has changed like 10 times and why fix what isn't broken? I think it looks fine right now just only a few tweaks instead of changing the whole thing all over again. I mean it just sounds like a lot of un-necessary work when I think it looks perfectly fine.

I think if we needed to improve on anything at the moment is the introduction to the website which could definately help with all the confusion that comes a long with it. I get lots of questions on how to even navigate it and where anything is. To me it is really easy since all you need to click around honestly but apparently not to others? Like you said you want to keep it modern as possible so a more in depth walk-through that is mandatory right when you sign up not just a little like tool bar at the right hand side of the page or whatever where most people wouldn't even bother to look? Also an up to date video of how to even work the design studio or other programs that they could use ect.
Along with the whole design studio they get totally confused by like the 3 versions of the models. So maybe just one permanent version to use of the model and then no more updating it because we have gone through what 4 different models and even now there is the salon, HD and regular model which gets confusing and what not even for me. It's weird to resize things down to fit a particular model that becomes all distorted or fuzzy/pixely. One model would fix that right up. Also considering you changed over to what we have now for the salon model I would suggest the salon model tbh.

That is all I can think of at the moment.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Wed Apr 01, 2015 8:08 pm by Leandra
@Tammy Thats what Ive wanted to do too but have had so many complaints about the setup. I really like the look and think its pretty simple. Maybe your approach is right about just adding more helpful things, thats what Id been planning to do till activity dropped more and more. Now I think it needs something to stop that from happening. Those of you who agree on this and think thatd work, please say so. I've tried to create a tutorial that launches on joining the site but it had some technical issues that sometimes made it end and then now since changing the masonry it didnt work at all. I'd ideally like to just do that like Stardoll has because I think thatd solve a lot too, so Ill try doing more research on codes for that. Also with the models I completely agree my plan has been to once I finish the Salon size, that will be the larger one and hd becomes the standard. Honestly I don't think many even use the regular version anymore anyways. I also have on my todo list to create like a type of fashion resizer to change to any of the sizes automatically for the member, but that wouldn't be necessary if we all just go to hd. For sure I'd say I'm gonna consolidate our model, Im also having Shelli work on some simple designs to use as materials thatll make things super easy for new members. So maybe with that and then an interactive walk through, thatd solve all the issues.
The next question Id have though is if theres anything else that needs changed to make things easier or less confusing with this look? I'm not completely sure if changes to any of the menu links need renamed, removed, added? What I may do is arrange the home differently and bring back some of the old content styles a bit. Then Id also like to incorporate a notification system that combines the site events, news, contests, etc so that members can see everything right away.
It'd definitely be easier for me to keep the current layout and just work on a few fixes, but I've experienced so many hateful responses to it that I'm not sure if theyll get used to it...
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:19 pm by Leandra
@angelinamc I think I fixed the masonry issue with loading, so I removed that redirect reload. Hopefully now it'll all load at once and you shouldn't have to worry about the page changing! Let me know if its better now :)
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Thu Apr 02, 2015 12:57 am by angelinamc
It's fixed thank you very much, I love it. I do agree with Tammy there isn't really nothing wrong with the sites set up, I think that it really just confused everyone because of all the new changes that happened, I know that what ones are missing is some of the old features like the btqs of the month, designers of the month, again the auction house etc. I didn't even know about the Salon doll lol, But I love using the HD doll I can now use it because of that awesome *Upload" feature at first I couldn't use them because I kept getting a black background, but now I don't. Again the only thing that I want back is the SR and to know who is online. Sometimes I get real lonely lol But yeah a very good video introduction of how to navigate and all the features this site has. I'm having no problems navigating all it takes is some time to get use the changes and ones will get use it and find out its a lot easier. The only problems I am still having is the btq creator and salon creator i'm still not able to use them but i'm fine with that. I know that ones have been complaining about the design studio, but maybe having more how to videos on how to use it, I'm still trying to learn been watching the one you have made. But maybe letting ones know that they still can use what ever studio they prefer, I still use sumo. I would love for you to incorporate a notification system that would be great, just to remind ones about the contests that are going on and other important info. I think that in time ones will come back if some of the old features are brought back but with this new layout.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:34 pm by NEOdesigns
It's sad that there are so many hateful responses. I have adapted to the changes and got used to it. But there are a lot of current members who thinks otherwise. In a conversation with one I said, "Everyone is entitled to their opinion and she can't please everyone. I'm sure the changes she made are for a reason. I believe it's a lot of work to run a website and she is doing it alone." Since there are so many complaints, I thought this was a reasonable response.  But, do we change the site to reduce those complaints but more work for Leandra? Or do we keep it the same, create a walk-through and hopefully cease all or most confusion? After reading Tammy's comment, I agree with her about the walk-through. I didn't think of that and maybe it is the best solution. 
I also agree with Angelina. Like her, I use the HD model too. Only because I thought the HD model was going to become the official model. In my opinion, I think the Salon model is too large. It was ok at 3 digit KB and now it will be MB.  The model is basically the same, it's just a larger scale size. The fashion resizer sounds like a good idea.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Thu Apr 02, 2015 5:14 pm by Leandra
I'm working on a new walk through right now and trying to set it up to start for members who have made no posts yet. So basically as soon as a member joins it should appear and hopefully be helpful. I'm also trying to figure out where to put a link to this walk through for other members who'd like to review it again as well. I'm thinking about a full help link on the menu that would offer videos, the walk throughs, and link to the help center. What do you all think of that? Also I'm going to set it up so that it shows them the private message feature and walks them through getting the 500 point bonus from me and then at the end of the walk through adding a present. That way they earn along the way. Any other ideas or suggestions please let me know, I hope to have this setup in the next day or so along with the new notification setup.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Fri Apr 03, 2015 1:47 am by Leandra
Alright it took me pretty much all night, but I finally finished the notifications! They should work for everyone and once you click the links they'll show as read. When all events and news are marked as read, the notifications link stops blinking. Make sure you have cookies enabled so that it keeps track of read and unread notifications.
Note: Working on making the notifications link blink for the personal notifications too, hopefully that'll work tomorrow.
Please let me know any issues since Ive yet to test on other browsers. I'll probably also be rearranging the area where notifs are tomorrow since we wont need that news link and challenges might get moved too.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:31 am by angelinamc
Really hope you got some sleep, I love it though. works real well thank you.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Fri Apr 03, 2015 11:37 am by Jazzy
Originally I didn't love the new layout, but now that I've gotten used to it I really like it. It was difficult to figure out at first, but I agree that tutorials will fix that. I also miss many of the features Angelina mentioned. Personally, the only thing that I think should be changed is the home page. The masonry works very well on the other pages and gives the site a clean simple look, but I think the home should be something different and something that stands out. The previous home pages caught more attention and I feel like it attracted members to the site more. The site has gone through so many layout changes and I think we should stick with this one like Tammy suggested, just change the home. As for the models, I agree that just switching to the hd model is the best way to go. Like you said, many use it already anyway and it certainly is the best for designing. I think rewards as you go along the walk-through is a really good idea and will definitely help encourage members!
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Fri Apr 03, 2015 12:55 pm by its-jolie
I love #3 and #4, but the only thing that I would like to change about #4 is that it would be mush better if the navigation to the different parts of the site had like drop-down menus. Like on this regular site template, when you click on "Explore" there is a small drop-down menus that shows fashion, boutiques, and outfits. But it should be a hover drop-down menu. Other than that, those two websites are fabulous, and I think that they would look great with this color scheme. And I love your new picture, you look so pretty!
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Fri Apr 03, 2015 1:10 pm by Leandra
Agreed Jazzy I'll see about bringing some of those features back. What I'll do with the home is probably give it a setup like #5 has so I can re-add the featured fashions and such. It will have a somewhat masonry setup, but kinda with those sections. I'll try to make things special on the home and still make it an area that combines most the site features. Also thanks so much its-jolie youre very very pretty too! x)

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