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Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now

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Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now - Page 2 Empty

Since the masonry setup, there have been many mixed opinions on it. I personally think that if used properly it would be a neat way to show off all the fashions. Many others have found the changes hard to get used to. Since I'm trying to make things easier and settle things in a way that can be less work for me, Id like all your opinions on some site changes. I wanna make sure that when I do change things again, there won't be many issues with members. Also that you'll all then know what to expect with these new changes. I'm gonna have this kinda setup like voting you can put either yay or nay to the options. You can also include additional feedback to help detail what needs to change.
#1 Do you think the masonry works for the site?
#2 If yes to #1, then does it need some changes to make it work better?
#3 Would you prefer if the masonry were all even instead of mismatched?
#4 Do you like the new overall look/styling (color scheme, font, etc.)?

Now Id really like as much detail as possible, so don't just say that you don't like it and thats it. Try to include examples that go along with your idea. Reference the look of other sites, share different ideas for a posting style that could be used. Websites that you think have a good modern look and setup, but are appealing and easy to use. Some examples could be specific like tumblr themes even or a fashion blog. Let me know any other things that need changed that will be of more help in the long term. I'm mainly looking for input on the site as a whole and not just super small details. If Im gonna overhaul the site for the members, then I wanna stick with it this time I don't wanna have to change again. I thought that this would be it for a few years and everyone would love it, but if it needs changed please say now.

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Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now Comments

Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Sat Apr 04, 2015 9:56 am by Temani234
I am a fairly new member, so I can share my experiences from that point of view. Also, I don't really know how everything looked before or what using this site felt like.

Yeah, it took sometime to get used to the layout, but now, after, what, two days or so, I got pretty used to it. Most things are right there on the left and you just have to click it to find out what everything does. You won't break your arm or something, so chill^^.
Something I can't find, though, is a direct link to my gallery, but maybe I didn't see it? I'd like to have a button for that on the left. I now have a link on my profile but before that it took some time to find it and I found it by chance by looking at other's galleries. Profile was like "put your link here" and I was like "Where do I get that stupid link??" :D. Again, might not have seen it. It might have been right in my face and still be^^. But in the end, browsing the site didn't take an eternity, I didn't break anything, and eventually found it.
Seriously, sometimes I think people just complain for the sake of complaining and this kind of person can be pretty rude about it. Somehow people are so negative towards changes and new things just because, too.
For the rest, I agree with pretty much everything everyone else said. Changing the homepage and adding the things mentioned by all of you would be great. And the tutorial sounds helpful, I gotta try it soon and give feedback on that! Maybe this helps clear some last things up for me^^.
What else?
Yeah, the boutique creator doesn't work at all for me (and my sister, too). But I see that we are not the only ones, so I guess you already know that.

If we want to help, I think we should be active, post stuff, comment, give diamonds, hold contests. I know, it might be frustrating but eventually there will be more new and old members that are attracted by that, right? I will also try to be active, although I sometimes might just disappear for some time or not feel like interacting at all^^. I'm pretty shy and insecure when it comes to that, afraid to offend someone or sound stupid^^. So, if I can do it, everybody can!
Last but not least, we should stop comparing this site to girlsense or stardoll or whatever else. Plus, they both were/are not perfect (I guess, because I've never been a member on stardoll^^). Yes, I loved girlsense so, so much, but there still were some things I didn't like or that seemed useless to me.
Overall, just be optimistic, positive and nice!

That's all I can think of for now! (That's a long post tho...)

Tl;dr: Noob speaking! Everybody chill, change the homepage, add some things to it and maybe to the navigation bar, be nice and active! Keep in mind that these are my suggestions (and some common sense^^). Boom! An unnecessarily long post in three sentences! Now, don't be so lazy and read the whole thing if you haven't already :D
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Sat Apr 04, 2015 1:56 pm by Leandra
@Temani234 I really appreciate your new member point of view, its very helpful and thank you for the support! I'll see about making a link to the members personal gallery more present like in the info area on the menu or something. it's also covered in the new member tutorial which you can find in the help center (bottom right side click need help). You can get right to your gallery from the galleries page theres a link at the top that says "My Gallery" which I should work on making more noticeable probably :) I'll get on that stuff soon as I can here, along with the other changes Im working on.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Sat Apr 04, 2015 5:04 pm by Leandra
Just to let you all know, I added the tabs to the Design Studio at the top so you can choose between Queeky and SumoPaint. I've also added a How To's tab so you can watch vids and get instructions. You can switch between any of the tabs at anytime without losing your progress. So if you're in the middle of designing then want to watch a video you can switch between tabs then continue your design :)
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Sat Apr 04, 2015 7:23 pm by angelinamc
Thank you Leandra, love that option to choose which design studio we want and even more cool about the how to videos. Again thank you.
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Sat Apr 04, 2015 8:21 pm by Leandra
Alright I just added a link to the members gallery on the menu. I modified those links a bit so now it includes the link to friends too :)
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Mon Apr 06, 2015 7:00 am by coco83puff
It will be cool to add color or personality on the website look....
Re: Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now
Post on Mon Apr 06, 2015 7:36 pm by Fresno559
Well there certainly has been a lot of changes. It all looks okay to me I'm not having any problems except that I have to start over lol no longer pro. But I'm fine with that.
Post on Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:44 am by princhelle32

Site Changes: Share Your Ideas & Vote Now - Page 2 1947627_653040478095351_55018458_n
awesome work

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