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Things I Miss About DS


Things I Miss About DS Empty

Hi i love DS and show support for it so here is what i have to say i know things have changed n new stuff is added but here is a small list of old things that would still be greatt on DS again

-Society Reader ~my fave thing ever i liked to read through it and get tips and just be inspire
-Code Rewards ~there are few in Leandras post but not much anymore i always saw plenty in the old SR
-Gallery Slides ~this was on the home n posted new stuff added to the gallery so people would no and without it the gallery is sortof inactive
-Biz ~wats the point of just voting for everything when we have no idea wats being sold so we can see it be a SS? this is a design site we should be able to buy stuff n vote then if they get enough points they sell new collection and most bought/popular items
-Monthly ~i really miss the members/btq/designs of the mo the jackpot wasnt that bad either
-Auctions ~we need this back immediatly i miss it and it was popular so ya

if you have anything you miss about DS that you would like back do tell by commenting (duhhh) n explaining why you miss it maybe we can get further insite here n see if we can get some things back also dont be afraid to offer new suggests

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Things I Miss About DS Comments

Re: Things I Miss About DS
Post on Fri May 01, 2015 8:17 pm by angelinamc
Diamond Liked Hello Fries lovely pics:) I do remember Leandra saying she might bring some of those things back like the Society Reader and possibly the auction house or something like that. As for the other things I don't know. But Like you I do miss the Society Reader but again all those things take a lot of work, so maybe when ones start getting use to these new changes who knows she might bring them back. I know right now she has been working on other things, one them is the btq creator.:)
Re: Things I Miss About DS
Post on Fri May 01, 2015 9:29 pm by ArtisticBiscuit
I miss the chat being really active and the way people actually gave feedback on designs. Instead of saying that's pretty, more help for improving.
I see less of that these days. Sorry if you disagree.
Re: Things I Miss About DS
Post on Sat May 02, 2015 4:40 pm by Guest
I just mainly want the sr back n the auctions n the biz section to have stuff to buy cuz i dont want to vote for something unless i know whats there i hate surprises when it comes to designs the logo doesnt make me want to vote or buy if it does become ss

Your thoughts welcome on the auctions pls
Your thougts are welcone  on the biz section topic  pls thx
Re: Things I Miss About DS
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