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A bit about me!


A bit about me! Empty

Here is what I posted on my profile Welcome Message Page
Welcome to my page! My name is Leia Sayuri! I was a very active Girlsense member, and I'm glad this website is trying to bring back what we all loved! I intend to be very active on this site, and I'd love to make some friends as well!
Now let's talk about business. Most designs I make in my free time will be "Not For Sale", unless marked otherwise. This is so I have a basic portfolio of what I can offer.
For sales, I take requests! So that can be, either a custom request or if you want me to remake, or slightly redesign an item. I'm pretty adverse in all categories, So feel free to message me!
Your first request is free, if you like any three of my posts!
Price Average:
Hair: 100 points
Tops: 80 points
Bottoms: 60 points
Dresses: 100 points
Shoes: 50 Points
Accessories: 10-50 Points
*Please note these prices may go Up and Down depending on the request*

Thanks for your support!

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A bit about me! Comments

Re: A bit about me!
Post on Thu Jun 23, 2016 7:47 pm by NEOdesigns
Welcome back. I can't click on your links on the Challenges pages. I can type them. But, I think It would be convenient if you made the links clickable. Lovely designs so far. I would like to see more from you. Diamond Liked
Re: A bit about me!
Post on Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:12 am by Guest
The links wern't clickable because I can't link yet. I have to wait a few more days, and I'll go back and edit them.
Re: A bit about me!
Post  by Sponsored content

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