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What's happening? leave thoughts

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What's happening? leave thoughts Empty

So, I started a site about 2 years ago called finery workshop since this is basically dead. I've heard ideas about more and honestly I'm gonna be blunt, changed the forums was the biggest mistake ever. If any of you guys still wanna keep things going comment below cause it would really have to be a group effort. Or if Leandra is too busy just get some of us to take over this, change the forums back. There are so many complicated amazing parts of this that I don't wanna change, but people never get on and that's for a reason. I miss you guys though and this site really has a ton of potential. Anyways, let me know what yall think <3

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What's happening? leave thoughts Comments

Re: What's happening? leave thoughts
Post on Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:31 pm by angelinamc
Miss you as well Crestyl, well I have to say that I personally like the changes at first it was a little confusing but I like how easy it is to navigate. there are some things that needs to be updated like the look book. and the btq creator still needs to be fixed along with the avatar maker but I know that it will be. Leandra has been starting to come around more. Everyone has just been so busy like myself Life just gets crazy every now and then. But hopefully things will pick up. I do miss the DS magazine and the free gift of the week but I like the weekly inspiration as well. i do agree there is a lot of potential to this game I love it. It would be nice if ones have the knowledge and the experience to help Leandra out with this site, because I know it isn't easy to maintain. The main thing right now is getting new members I have tried through twitter I did ask to help out in the instagram but didn't get any comment back on that. I even asked to help in the DS twitter account but again I got know response back. So I used my twitter account but I eventually just gave up. I might start that up again. ok im babbling sorry.
Re: What's happening? leave thoughts
Post on Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:51 pm by Crestyl
I love your optimism, but Leandra hasn't gotten on and I get she's busy but nothing has really happened in around two years. And yeah you had to get used to it, new members aren't going to take the time to get used to it. Every site uses the same forum layout for a reason, because well everyone knows how and it's efficient and easy. I like the masonry theme in theory, but in actuality it's confusing and not efficient. It's nice to see things in a list and not all scattered around in boxes. We have people like you who are passionate about the site and loyal and want to have something here, and Leandra has done so so many amazing things here programming wise and how she built the community but like you said she's busy
Re: What's happening? leave thoughts
Post on Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:54 pm by angelinamc
Well Crestyl have you tried sending Leandra a pm about this matter? She has been logging in. She even has been creating new contests for us to join. Anyhow hope you can get in contact with her.
Re: What's happening? leave thoughts
Post on Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:21 pm by VKitty
Though this website has become limited through designing, sharing, and interacting, there are still the few things like that to do. I like the quietness of the website but I can see what you are saying about wanting activity. I want that too, we all do. It's just it's about contending with what is right in front of us at the very moment. And, I know Leandra has been busy but she has been on here plenty. Even though my hiatus was for a few months, I still knew when I returned I saw some minor changes that have slowly made the difference. The challenges are a great start and each fresh new idea is fun to try and put something together for.

I also remember Finery as being a nice website. I would love to start something like that again. Before my hiatus, a few months back, I was planning to have my very own website. This is complicated as we know but if we get some people together and somethings we could very well as try it. It doesn't hurt. And it's not competition between websites, it's just something to keep people active and their interests booming, again.
Re: What's happening? leave thoughts
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