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Gallery Fashion Transfer: Beta

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Gallery Fashion Transfer: Beta Empty

So I've been trying to think of ways that members can have a collection of fashions to show off. One option would be to use the gallery and just have fashions transfer to the buyers gallery... I decided to try out this theory for now, but it may not fully stick. The only issue really is with the amount of gallery space, right now we have a large amount thanks to our premium hosting account. I would need to possibly buy more in the future though as that could add up.
The good news is that if this works, everyone can see what you have in your gallery that you've bought while still knowing who originally designed it! This also allows members to be able to resell fashions that they have bought through their gallery!
When a member buys a fashion, what happens is I move the fashion to the buyers gallery. I also set the price to 0 so it's not for sale but members can make them offers! I'm also allowing unlimited transfer/resell of fashions as well since this is still in the testing stage!
Oh also, make sure you still save the design to your computer when you get the PM with the fashion in it, since that's still the only way you can upload and use it for things like outfits and boutiques!

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Gallery Fashion Transfer: Beta Comments

Re: Gallery Fashion Transfer: Beta
Post on Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:21 am by NEOdesigns
Yes. I like this feature.

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