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Training Certification Errors

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Training Certification Errors Empty

Okay everyone so I'm starting to get upset with polldaddy which I used to host the training quizzes. Those of you who've taken the tests for a training certification please retake the test now. They decided to lock it up after 200 responses so I thought I could access it once the time was up. Little did I know they decided to make it all tricked up and say nope you can't access previous entries. Sorry for this error everyone and for sure I'll be working on a new host for those quizzes. This effects no other site forms only the training tests taken at the end of the course. If you could please retake the quizzes if you don't see your certification on your profile. Please and thank you to everyone!

Training Certification Errors Sig
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Training Certification Errors Comments

Re: Training Certification Errors
Post on Mon Jun 03, 2013 6:17 am by ToxicLove
Wait, so if we aren't properly certified we need to do this?
Re: Training Certification Errors
Post on Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:49 am by Jazzy
If it does still show the certifications on my profile, do I need to retake it
Re: Training Certification Errors
Post on Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:07 am by Leandra
No, if you already see it on your profile you DONT need to retake it. The only ones who need to retake it were those of you who took it in the past month here and still don't see it on your profile under certifications.
Re: Training Certification Errors
Post on Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:07 pm by Leandra
Hey everyone I just want to let you all know that I changed the hose for the tests now so no more worries about this error. Now you can take the test with no further problems. So if you want your certifications and don't see them on your profile just take the new quizzes in the training!
Re: Training Certification Errors
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