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Looking for Moderators

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Looking for Moderators Empty

If you wanna be a moderator, I'm looking for them now. With all the added members and activity comes more responsibility and more for me to do. If you are active on the site your odds are better for being chosen. Here's what I'm Looking for:
-Be active every day or so
-Know your way around the pages
-Have at least Novice Rank

What you'll do as a Moderator, if your willing to be one:
-Transfer Fashion Sales
-Manage the Forums
-Give Awards
-Check Member Profiles

Now it may sound like a lot but I don't plan on you each doing all that stuff because it is a lot. I plan on having each moderator do some few different things. There is also a log you would fill out, easy to do but something i require so I know what you have all done. I am looking for 2-3 Moderators to take on right now and they will be given 100 points per week that they submit their Task Log. So if you would like to be a Moderator, let me know just leave a reply and I'll consider you. Those of you whom I am picking will be notified in a Private Message :)
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Looking for Moderators Comments

Re: Looking for Moderators
Post on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:36 pm by Desert
Oh this sounds pretty cool.
I volunteer as tribute Mod
I'm pretty active, i'm usually on most days cause i have no life and I've gotten to know the site pretty well, plus I'm a Pro :o
And i think i'm quite qualified with my 89 years of experience(oh god i'm so bad at making jokes)
I'd gladly help out with the site, the tasks don't sound that hard to do either!
I'd be honored if you picked me but it's cool if you don't
That is all....
Thanks for the consideration
Re: Looking for Moderators
Post on Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:21 am by Chloe
I would like to be a mod :D

I'm active everyday at various times. Literally I never sleep. I'm on the internet from 12pm to 12am so I have plenty of free time to dedicate to the jobs/tasky things. :sleep:

I know what I'm doing being Admin of LolitaHaze, but its fine if you don't pick me; I just want to help! xo

Re: Looking for Moderators
Post on Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:32 pm by estergarcia9484941
sounds good =) plz i would like to be a mod! plz!
i am active every day and i will protect this page the best posible i can.
i help you the most i can . :)
Re: Looking for Moderators
Post on Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:39 pm by ToxicLove
Hi.. So I'd love to give this a shot! I've had girlsense and personal blogs before and I love designing. I go on every day and I'm thinking of buying SumoPaint pro so I can help you even more. I can help you with whatever you want, I don't consider myself lazy and I like to think outside the box. :) Please consider me!
Re: Looking for Moderators
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