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D.S. Socialites

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Calling all social butterflies! Designers society is looking for some devoted members who can help spread the word! We would like to add a new team of DSSocialites who can help promote the site and gain us new members. There would be positions for the different social networks such as Facebook, twitter, and tumblr. If you'd like to participate just leave your comment with which network you'd like to help broadcast on! Now of course there are some perks like the 50points per week team pay and be the first to know about upcoming features.

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D.S. Socialites Comments

Re: D.S. Socialites
Post on Fri Jan 10, 2014 11:58 pm by fray
@Chloe wrote:
I'd love to do twitter since evil old fray took tumblr

*evil laughter in the distance*
Re: D.S. Socialites
Post on Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:50 pm by Leandra
I'll let Tammy and Chloe do twitter together since that can easily be shared. As for facebook Art you can help with that just add me as a friend from your facebook account then Ill try to make you a mod for the DS page. Also since my profile is private heres a link: For tumblr and twitter Ill pm each of you with the info for these and if you have questions just lmk.
Re: D.S. Socialites
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in a Society of Designers."
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